Dornenreich Interview

After M.F.G. had the great honour to review the new Dornenreich record “In Luft geritzt” which will be released 9th May 2008, mastermind “Eviga” agreed on answering a few questions about the new opus but also about the Band and a lot of other things!!

So have fun while reading! And a big thank you to “Eviga” and Prophecy Productions!

(1) The fusion of guitar and violin works absolutely perfect so how did you write the new songs? Did you compose them together with Inve or did you have the songs in your head and Inve put his violin ideas over the songs

Thank you. Initially, I took my acoutic guitar and played intuitively. By and by the basic melodies, rhythms and structures introduced themselves to me. Then, the final versions of the songs concerning harmony, melody and arrangement were elaborated with Inve. Actually, he contributed countless precious ideas as he grew into Dornenreich more and more. This process of completion was a conscious one, thus, “In Luft geritzt” relies on both subconscious, that is, intuitive and conscious elements.

(2) Why did DORNENREICH decide to record an album with only acoustic instruments (guitar, violin tambourine and of course the voice)? Did that arise from a rather spontaneous feeling or was it the logical development of the band?

We intended to gather at the fire of our original fascination with music and artistic expression. The captivating and organic quality of acoustic instruments was very welcome and the use of these instruments refers back to the initial vision for this very album.
Moreover, I have been carrying with me the idea to record a fiercely passionate acoustic album for many years and it felt right to do it now as Inve joined Dornenreich.
Moreover, acoustic guitars and strings have always been an imporant part of our albums.

(3) “In Luft geritzt” is lyrically seen very short. Why? Are words/lyrics not so important anymore as for example in “Her von welken nächten”?

Actually, I only use words in order to exceed them. The lyrics of the new album are an important element of the entire album and one may discovernumerous messsages, however, I attempted to create them in a brief way relying on associative words.
Often I point out central emotional experiences such as “Drang” (“urge”), “Unruhe” (“unrest”) or “Flügel in Fels” (“wings in rock”).
Finally, I consider music to be far more universal and urgent that any word can be. The (inner) pictures and emotions the music creates and invokes are the vital essence of an album in my opinion. Therefore I write the lyrics according to the pictures and emotions the music provides me with. Nevertheless, I have always had the feeling that I said everything I felt an urge to communicate. That refers back to the intuitive core of this album. The emotions, experiences, instincts, thoughts and situations that deeply move me are present in my subconsciousness and make me create pictorial music in which they show themselves in an aesthetic way, finally.

(4) Can you describe your new record in one word?

Three words: intense – mystic – timeless.

(5) How important is Dornenreich for you? Is it a primary necessity or does the Band only play second fiddle in your life?

During the past twelve years it has been a primary necessity, doubtlessly.
I hardly can imagine somebody thinking albums that unconditional and detailed like “Her von welken Nächten” (“From fading nights”) or “Durch den Traum” (“Through the dream”) can be done alongside.
Anyway, the major part of my energy and creativity as a person was invested in my artisitc expression via Dornenreich.
Nowadays Dornenreich still is the centre of my life and I hope that I will be given the opportunity by the support of our fans to dedicate myself to Dornenreich to a high degree
in the future as well.

(6) I heard that the covers of “Bitter ists…” und “durch den Traum” were made by your father, the cover of “in Luft geritzt” has this shade of blue again. Why this colour and who was responsible for the cover this time?

I have always been fascinated by the magic and depth of (nightly) blue.
To me it’s the colour of possibility, of dream and yearning. Moreover it’s an allusion and tribute to the “blue flower” of the German romantic writer Novalis and symbolizes my bonds with romantic writers such as Tieck, Eichendorff and Novalis and my bonds with romantic characteristics such as “soulful nature”.
The cover-artwork for “In Luft geritzt” (“Carved in air”) was created by my father and Lukasz Jaszak who is a very talented graphic designer. Lukasz is responsible for countless fantastic artworks of Prophecy releases and I appreciate what he created for “In Luft geritzt” (“carved in air”) on the fundament of my verbal sketches. My father coloured Lukasz’s artwork and added some subtle details.

(7) Which are the influences of Dornenreich?

Although I had tried to establish a band in my earliest youth the initial impetus to start a band was my discovery of Norwegian bands such as Ulver, Kvist, Gehenna, Emperor, Satyricon, Arcturus, Ved Buens Ende and The 3rd and the Mortal. I was fascinated with their individual artistic expression, the nature-mystic symbolism and their transcending aesthetics.
Thinking and feeling back this discovery triggered something within my mind and soul and provided my yearning with wide, wide horizon.
During the last years Dead Can Dance have been a constant favourite ensemble of mine.

8 ) In Tolkein´s book „Silmarillion“, Iluvatar created Ainur , from his mind. Who played music for him. Iluvatar made the music visible, and so created Earth(Ea).
If Ainur had played the music of Dornenreich, how would our world look today?

In all probability it would be a world more aware of the important balance between inner and outer, that is, spiritual and physical world.

(9) What is the meaning behind the title “in Luft geritzt”?

The album-title “In Luft geritzt” (“carved in air”) is meant to trigger imagination and I intended to sensitise the listener’s perception for contents such as “reality/actuality” and “possibility” by means of this apparent break with our daily perception.
Besides, the title “In Luft geritzt” (“carved in air”) is an allusion to the effect and soulful nature of music. Music is oscillation of air and invisible, but it may have a physical effect such as creeps. I am fascinated with that.
Sometimes the creation of “In Luft geritzt” (“carved in air”) felt like carving in air, because the album is extremely passionate. Metaphorically speaking it cuts wounds, which open the listener and may heal certain things via this
process. Thus, the bright rather central element of the front-cover symbolizes
a breach (representing the seeming break with daily perception), a wound
and a flame, that is, human passion. The songtitles on the back-cover represent our own passion, therefore their placement is similar to the flame
of the front-cover.

(10) As you are going on tour, are there any plans for concerts in Luxemburg?

On our tour with Devon Graves and Leafblade in autumn we will be playing in Belgium and Holland, but we won’t play in Luxemburg, unfortunately.
However, we would love to play in Luxemburg, thus, local promoters and organisers are always welcome to conatact our booker via

(11) What are your plans for the future?

Many songs for both a further acoustic album and the album “Flammentriebe” (“the urge of the flame”) are already composed.
“Flammentriebe” (“the urge of the flame”) will in many ways be a ritual and fiercely passionate album. Our original drummer Gilvan will rejoin us for this album and, consequently, 2009 will see a powerful return of Dornenreich-drums.
This album will be based on electric guitar, violin, drums and voice and it will be recorded and released next year.
This year we will focus on acoustic concerts for “In Luft geritzt” (“carved in air”) and we will elaborate and release our very first dvd.

Interview made by innerwille

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