“In the last two decades a bizarre and violent musical subculture called black metal has emerged in Norway. It’s roots stem from a heady blend of horror films, extreme heavy metal music, Satanism, pagan mythology, and adolescent angst. In the early-mid 1990’s, members of this extremist underground committed murder, burned down medieval wooden churches, and desecrated graveyards. What started as a juvenile frenzy came to symbolize the start of a war against Christianity, a return to the worship of the ancient Norse gods, and the complete rejection of mainstream society.
I have spent the last 7 years photographing in this insulated and secretive community.”
(Peter Beste)

Here a note from Beste himself:

“Finally. After numerous delays, my seven year long photography documentary on the world of Norwegian black metal (True Norwegian Black Metal) is stores in the US today! European release is June 26.”

True Norwegian Black Metal
TNBM includes 126 Norwegian Black Metal Photographs by Peter Beste;
Introduction by Metalion of Slayer Magazine; Essays by Editor Johan Kugelberg and Peter Beste; 3 Panel foldout black metal time line by Tara G Warrior; 32 page section of old black metal ephemera including rare and obscure photographs, flyers, letters, and interviews.

For those of you interested in the limited/deluxe version, it is currently only available for purchase at peterbeste. com

Deluxe Limited edition of 666
Includes hand numbered silkscreened slipcase (measuring 11.25″ x 14.
20×26″ silkscreened black metal logo poster
Signed 8×10 Peter Beste print
$200 USD – Available now

For me Peter Beste is the one and only peson in this world who is able to capture the spirit of Norwegian Black Metal, its ideas and views in a such authentic way that you think you are in the thick of it! This book full of amzing photographs is a must have for every black metal fan, as for every person interested in photographs and music!!!


~ by innerwille on June 3, 2008.


  1. Naja, wann een sech vier Fotoen mat Corpsepaint interesséiert, dass en dofier zeguer géif 200 $ ausgin, deem roden ech alternativ och engkéier heihin lussen ze goen:


  2. Nice piece. I don’t like the music, but am endlessly fascinated by Black Metal culture.

  3. BLACK METAL is my life (L)

  4. Just adore the book. Im going to put it up on my wish-list for my graduation, haha 🙂

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