Brothers In Arms DM Night pt.II @ Vastavirta (Tampere)

While most of the other exchange students stayed in the common room drinking and got ready for a big party night in a club here in Tampere I decided to go to a “little” concert.

Concert startet at 22:00, I started at aroud 9:45 and I had no clue where the venue was. So after 3 km of walking through the darkness of Tampere with my map in my hand I finally found the bar. I was a bit too late that´s why I only saw Blood Stained playing their last song. I really can´t say anything about the band only that their looks reminded me of Nergal from Behemoth dressed up like a captain.

After the break of 10 mintues it was Deviant Tactics´ time! They immediately gave 100%. The musicingredients were basically modern Math Death and Melodic Thrash Metal mixed with a nice fingertip of Grindcore. They acted real professional and I was really impressed by their clean sound (believe me I have been to a lot of modern Metal gigs and the sound sucked over 3/4 of the time!).

The vocalist was a bit overacting for my share but this doesn´t mean that it didn´t fit to the music. Jyri has a real diversified voice and was acting like a real mad, made real weird faces and hammered the mic against his bold head! As I said, for me personally it was too much but it fitted to the music! The rest of the band was playing really tight and precise and they sounded 100 times more brutal on stage (without a key and more grind vocals!) than on myspace/record which I think is always speaking for a band!

After this gig it was backstage time and it was the guys from Deviant Tactics´fault to let me in. We buttered the walls with butter (hehe) spoke about music, penises, sperm sauce on tortillas and I was missing the last band: The Jassar Arafats.

After the gig than we took a taxi to the centre of Tampere where we had another few more beers, fiiiishis (or something like that) and pizza!

I don´t know at what time I exactly went home but it was late. Thx for one of my best evening in Tampere so far! Keep on going with your music, hope to see you again guys!

Blood Stained
Deviant Tactics
The jasser Arafats



~ by innerwille on February 3, 2010.

5 Responses to “Brothers In Arms DM Night pt.II @ Vastavirta (Tampere)”

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  2. Hi! I got photos of Deviant Tactics. We talked at the Vastavirta club, and you gave me your e-mail address, but it didn’t work. I sent you a message twice, but they came back saying that address doesn’t exist. Please send me e-mail to my address so I get yours and will send photos.

    • hey Juuso, I am sorry about that…but unfortunately i haven´t got your mail address! so i hape that you will read this.

      my email is: lucbonert(at)

  3. Hey! If the guy who took pics of Deviant show has got some pics of The Jasser Arafats, please send them to me too at or

    Interville, nice review. Though it’s sad that you missed our show 😀

    -Jarkko / The Jasser Arafats

    • Hey Jarko…
      Yeah I am sorry, normally when I go to a gig I try to write about all th bands, but unfortunately I hadnn´t planed to made a review…

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