Redemption – The Origins of Ruin (2007)


Redemption is an American progressive metal band featuring former members of Fates Warning and Prymary. If you don’t like progressive metal then stay away from Redemption because they incorporate every single one of the progressive metal trade items. The songs are dominated by fast guitar riffs fit into a complex compositional structure. Guitar and keyboard soli alternate with powerful vocal parts and create a typical progressive sound as we all know it from bands like Dream Theatre or Ayreon. Redemption don’t reinvent the genre, but they give the listener exactly what he could expect. The Origins of Ruin is a perfectly balanced album with fast paced rock songs and the standard ballad that every progressive metal album has (in this case it’s the title song and Blind my Eyes). The opening song The Suffocating Silence starts out with a high pitched guitar solo that changes into a dark and heavy riff and in this way immediately sets the mood for the whole record. The highlight of the album is in my opinion The Death of Faith and Reason (what a great song title!) the heaviest of the nine songs. There is usually one factor that makes a prog record stand or fall in my opinion and that’s the vocalist. In this case Ray Alder from Fates Warning does an exceptional job and incorporates the perfect mix of emotions and heaviness (something I always miss in James Labrie’s singing on Dream Theatre). All of you progrock souls amongst our readers: Go out and buy this album! NOW!

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~ by cnspiracy on March 28, 2008.

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