Burzum news!

After 11 years Burzum is finally coming back with a new record called Belus in March 2010. After Varg Vikernes: “The album has been made according to my heart and spirit, and not to fit into any particular genre or category, or to live up to anyone’s obvious expectations”. Furthermore Varg says on his official homepage: “My ambition with “Belus” is to create something I – and hopefully others too – can listen to for years and years to come without ever growing tired of it, and at the same time to share with my audience the experience of getting to know Belus, as he might have been perceived by the ancient Europeans”.

Well let´s hope and wait until the 8th March 2010 when Belus is going to be released. Everybody who can´t wait ´til this date CLICK HERE to pre-listen to segments of the new songs and !HERE! you get the tracklist and the lyrics from Belus in Norwegian, German and French.
For me, so far, the music sounds like a mixture of Darkthrone an Emperor an I am really looking forward to Morgenroede and Belus’ Tilbakekomst (Konklusjon) which I hope are going to be more like Post Black Metal.

When the record is released MFG is surely going to do a review about it, so be prepared for the comeback of the year!


~ by innerwille on February 7, 2010.

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