Wacken Open Air – Review Part 2

Here’s our second part of the Wacken Open Air 2008 Review, featuring live-reviews of Primordial, Cynic and Ensiferum

Primordial: Well, 11:30 is a very unthankful time when you are playing on a festival. Those who aren’t still sleeping are tired, in a bed temper or fighting against their huge headache (probably with more alcohol). But someone needs to start the second day of the festival, and that’s a job for the Irish Folk Black Metal Band Primordial.
In 2007, Primordial released “To the Nameless Dead”, an atmospheric monster album which became very fast one of my favorite CD’s in my collection. The show started on time in front of the small stage (Party Stage…or Wet Stage, I don’t know anymore), and, hell yeah, Nemtheanga (singer), surely knows how to motivate the crowd in front of him. This guy definitely has a lot of charisma and his way to interact with the crowd was the main reason why the crowd woke up so fast that day.
Starting with the great “Empire Falls”, Primordial played a lot of songs from the latest release (“As Rome burns”, Heathen Tribes”). Nemtheanga’s remarkable voice, a good assortment of songs and an interested crowd made this gig an emotional and unforgettable event for me. Definitely one of the best metal acts I’ve ever seen!

Cynic: I’ll make it quick: this gig was not that great. Responsible for my disappointment wasn’t the band but the typically Open-Air-Sound. Cynic, with 2 “Death” members, was one of the most innovative Technical Death Metal bands in the early 90’s, and I really enjoyed “Focus”, but unfortunately their typical sound didn’t work at Wacken. The guitar sound was awful, not differantiated enough and too much in the background (the same for the “clean” electro vocals), the drums too loud and it all sounded a little bit like a robot orgy (exaggeration). I prefer to listen to Cynic on my IPod…or in a concert hall. Good Band, bad gig. Oh yeah by the way some good news: Cynic are recording (after 15 years) a new album).

Ensiferum: To be honest, I was in a very bad mood while that gig. You know, that typical festival-hangover…but I’ll try to be objective: in fact, the sound was, surprise surprise, quite mediocre, espacially if you were standing like me, very far from the stage (too crowded). But Ensiferum did a good job, they played a lot of songs from the new record, unfortunately not that much from Iron (in my eyes their best album). Great are those moments where the crowd sings along with the singer those low notes (you know, those “Whuooooohohoooohooo” parts). Bad mood, good band, nice atmosphere = felicitous gig. I’m looking forward to see them again live!

The third part of our Wacken Review will feature the Opeth gig, and my second personal favorite: Gorgoroth. Furthermore we will arrive to a conclusion if Wacken 2008 was a good festival…or not.


~ by SvArt on September 11, 2008.

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  1. Et war d’party stage^^ Wet stage ass ennert deem Zelt :p

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