Metallica – Death Magnetic (2008)

It’s hard, it’s very hard to review „Death Magnetic“. My heart says: “Wow I like that record, the riffs are cool and there are some really nice guitar solos”, but my head says”Man this is Metallica, why is it such a surprise when they are playing solos and cool riffs? You only like it because St.Anger was so bad…” So I needed to take a decision and, I decided to listen to my heart (how sweet^^). Kill me now but: I LIKE DEATH MAGNETIC. In my opinion, Metallica is back. Not back in the 80’s but back in an entertaining and listenable form. “Not very hard after St.Anger”, you will say. Yes, St.Anger was bullshit, but Death Magnetic isn’t only a simple amend, it’s more.

I don’t want to discuss again about the fact that Metallica is dead since the “Black Album”…that discussion is so old and everything is said. “Death Magnetic” isn’t a second “Master of Puppets”, “Death Magnetic” is “Death Magnetic”. Yes it has some references to some older songs (The Day that never comes -> One…) but how I already said, you don’t need to make any comparisons to the past, “Death Magnetic” works on its own.

Well yes, no doubt, “Death Magnetic” is far away from being perfect: the drums are weak and even some times really boring and annoying, James Hetfield still isn’t a great singer and the songwriting isn’t as surprising and complex as a “Four Horsemen” but if that’s what you are searching for, it’s quite funny that you read the review till here.

So why do I like “Death Magnetic”? I’ll make it quick and simple: I like the sound of the guitars, the songwriting is the best since “Black Album” (I have to stop making comparisons) and, hell yeah, I like the guitar solos. Just listen the beginning of the “Unforgiven”-Solo…wow.

Conclusion: It will be loved and it will be hated. “Death Magnetic” is a modern (Thrash)-Rock-Metal release, by four metal-grand-pas who are doing what they want. I hated “St.Anger”, I like “Death Magnetic” and YOU will need to listen to a few tracks to make your own choice!

Best Tracks: The Day that never comes, All Nightmare long, Cyanide
Disappointment: The Unforgiven III, My Apocalypse





~ by SvArt on September 11, 2008.

9 Responses to “Metallica – Death Magnetic (2008)”

  1. Agree new album is great. Have listened to it several times already. They’ve gone back to their roots. Check out my blog if you get a chance. Just started it. I wrote about the new album as well. Thanks.

  2. Death Magnetic is awesome. I’ve listen to the entire thing, and it definatley reminds me of the old days when …And Justice for All came out. The best CD i’ve heard since then.

  3. Sooooooo…. are the rumors true? Got the officially released record butchered at the mixing/mastering table? :>

    Another rumor: The Guitar Hero 3 version of the album sounds MUCH better than the normal record you can buy at the store

  4. And here is the link that I forgot to post:

  5. You mean Guitar Hero 4?

  6. Nope. Death Magnetic is available as downloadable content for Guitar Hero 3 and will also be compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour (aka GH 4)

  7. Ah ja…so I need to buy another bunch of Microsoft Points^^

  8. I concur. Death Magnetic is good, very good, but definitely not great. Everyone tells me “Well, you can’t compare it to their first 4 albums because that is not fair.” but why not? You can’t simply forget the band’s history, especially not a band like Metallica. If the last 2 decades never existed I really believe that the album will be judged truly for what it is, a so-so album. I listened to this album in conjunction with …And Justice for All and it simply doesn’t hold up. But when listened in conjunction with Load, ReLoad, or St. Anger, then the album is great, but then which album doesn’t sound great when compared to those disasters? Still, I like it. However, their next album will prove to be the litmus test of whether they can truly regain their former glory or not. I’m already looking forward to the next one. Problem is, it will be a long wait.

  9. It deserves 9 stars just for the song : the day that never comes
    superb masterpiece!!

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