Summer Breeze 2008 Review Part 3

Saturday – 16/08/2008

I went to see The Old Dead Tree, a band from France who plays an interesting blend of different genres. The show was not bad, but the singer had some problems to stay on key (probably some issues with the monitor sound setup). Endstille was next and although they are absolutely not my cup of tea, my more black metal inclined friends thought that their show was pretty good. We then waited to see Keep of Kalessin, who I thought rocked. I’ll have to listen to some of their records to form a definite opinion, but for a first time, I liked them. Luckily I missed H-Blockx and Sonic Syndicate, and the next band I saw was Heaven Shall Burn. Originally we had planned to see Novembre, who performed on the Party Stage, but their sound was so awful, that we left after one song. HSB was ok, they had a big following of people, but the whole metalcore thing really starts to bug me. Cradle of Filth had a good sound for once (usually they are dreadful on stage), but if I would have to name one of the singers I hate the most in the world, it would probably be Dany Filth. So no love there from my side. And then it was time for the band I wanted to see for several years now. Anathema came on stage under a partial lunar eclipse and delivered an incredible show. So much emotions and atmosphere are rare at a festival and I will cherish the experience for the rest of my life.

Pictures of Saturday can be found here.

All in all the Summer Breeze of 2008 was a huge success. There were of course the stupid problems with the traffic jam, but other than that it was amazing. The fans were friendly, the staff was ok, the food was incredible for a festival (finally not only cheap hotdogs and nasty kebabs). The only things that sucked were the drinks. The beer was terrible and the Met was way too sweet. Lucky we had brought enough and could take 0.5l PET bottles inside. Thanks to everybody who came along and made this such a great festival for me!


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  1. Aiaiaiai…. An mol net Dismember lauschtere gaang! Tz! :>

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