Summer Breeze 2008 Review Part 2

Friday – 15/08/2008

Friday was my “I couldn’t care less” day, as I didn’t really like any of the bands that much. Not that there weren’t any good acts performing that day, I just didn’t care for them. But it’s a festival, so you hang around the festival grounds most of the time anyway. We caught a glimpse of Heidevolk, while munching a Dresdner Handbrot (which are delicious by the way). Next we listened to Exodus. You can’t go wrong with some old school thrash metal, but their extreme pro-US propaganda was a bit much. I took a little break to have a few drinks with my mates and the next band I saw was Eluveitie, a pagan metal act from Switzerland. They actually surprised me and I will probably check out their music again soon.

Dresdner Handbrot

The main problem I have with festivals at the moment is that more and more extremely modern and new bands perform there and most of those bands are not really worth mentioning anymore. They appear, release one or two ok albums and disappear again. I would agree that it is pretty much impossible to create something so new that it has never been done before, but that’s not necessary. A few experiments or deviations from the cliché would suffice. But I’m getting sidetracked.

As I Lay Dying was next and although I have listened to a few of their albums and wanted to see them, I was bored pretty quickly. My friends took me to see Six Feet Under, which I’m not a fan of and that didn’t change that day either. I just can’t warm up to Chris Barnes’ voice. Apparently their show was quite good though. Kataklysm was next, they delivered a decent death metal show, but I was too power-out (or maybe drunk) to truly enjoy it.

Pictures of Friday’s acts, here.


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