Summer Breeze 2008 Review Part 1

“Ich will euch ja nicht die Hoffnung rauben, aber es sieht verdammt beschissen aus!”

This quote was uttered by a guy on his phone, who we passed by, after seven hours of sitting around in a traffic jam, on our way to the festival grounds. Two hours later we had finally arrived. The car jam was huge, no it was actually insane. We were moving at around one kilometer an hour, only due to the no-glass rule bestowed on the visitors by the promoters. There is nothing like wasting half a day in your car, to raise the mood. Having missed all of the bands that performed in the party tent that day, we decided to put up our tents and call it a night.

Thursday – 14/08/2008

The first band I saw part of that day was Emil Bulls. First off all let me say: WTF are they doing at a festival like this? To tough it out they played Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth. Too bad they totally butchered it. Aborted were next and the quartet from Belgium delivered a clean cut show. An awesome Death Metal concert that made the crowd go insane. Now from this moment onwards everything is a bit fuzzy. I remember that AHAB had a horrible mushy sound and so the next band I really enjoyed was Helloween. I have to admit that I consider them one of my “guilty pleasure” bands. They are one of the first metal bands I ever listened to and so I couldn’t resist to catch their show from midfield. And it was awesome. Maybe nostalgic feelings are clouding my judgment, but I really enjoyed myself. They played a cool medley of their old songs and that was probably the main reason why I liked the show, as I’m not really acquainted with their newer stuff. To sober up, we had a few pieces of Flammkuchen, which had an excellent price to quality ratio and then it was time for Cult of Luna. The indie-doom combo from Scandinavia managed to envelop the crowd with their gloomy sound and during the whole show I felt like in a trance. This was one of the most powerful shows I have ever seen on a festival.

I decided to post this review in three parts (one for each day) so that it won’t be too long. So stay tuned!

Pictures of the event are already online on the official Summer Breeze website.


~ by cnspiracy on August 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Summer Breeze 2008 Review Part 1”

  1. 7 fucking Stonnen am Stau?? Oo

  2. Ec hhÄtt sou gär Ahab gesin… Mee bon wann si e schlechten sound haaten…

  3. Nice review.
    Aborted were great.
    Fantastic festival.

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