Vader – XXV (2008)

Vader, the Death Metal veterans from Poland, paved the way in the early and mid 90s for many Eastern European metal bands. In a country like Poland with deeply rooted religious beliefs, their image, lyrics and thrashing Death Metal sound were put to the test directly from the start. Nonetheless they stood their ground and after 9 studio albums, countless EPs, live albums and over 20 years of band history, they thought it would be a good time to release a “best of” compilation.

Vader - XXV

And let me say: It turned out pretty awesome! Vader re-recorded all the songs on this album and now you got all of the old gems polished up with crispy clear sound. Especially the songs from the “Litany” album sound much much better (e.g. “Wings” and “Xeper”). The tracklist spans across their whole discography but focuses on their earlier works ranging from “The Ultimate Incantation” to “Revelations”. Check out Vader’s website (link at the end of this post) for more information on the tracklist and additional song comments from the band.

I highly recommend this album to those who always wanted to check out Vader’s work and to all fans of extreme metal in general! Crank up the volume while listening and let the sound of a whole tank regiment blazing through your living room crush your neighbours! :>

Official website:




~ by boerdi on August 3, 2008.

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