Abstract Rapture Interview

“Abstract Rapture is definitely one of the most acclaimed bands here in Luxembourg. Their first album called ‘Democadencia’ has been released on the 21st March 2008. Drittt (vocals) kindly accepted to make an overview of the band’s career, their new album and the future…”

1 ) First of all, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! This is your opportunity to tell the world who you are:

Drittt: we are a band from Luxembourg founded in 2001, playing thrash/metal music. After few changes in the line-up during the first years, we are now 5 members in the band: Rol (bass), Spit (drums), Nol (guitars), Yogy (guitars) and me, Drittt (vocals).

2 ) 2007 was a very successful year for you! Can you tell us a bit about it?

Drittt: First of all we won the Metal Battle, a victory that led us straight to the final contest in Wacken, where we reached the 3rd place, which is not bad, I think, for a band from Luxembourg. After that performance we got a lot of contacts, and so we got a deal with Maddening Media, our current label.

3 ) Your new album “Democadencia” was released on the 21st March 2008 and we’ve already reviewed it!! You can read it here ! From your point of view, what can we expect from this new album? (Is it a concept album, or are there just songs with no real connection between each other?)

Abstract Rapture’s latest album is absolutely not a concept-album, I mean not in a musical way. It’s a concept of thinking, maybe, through the lyrics and the artwork, like a global concept of the world, our vision of the World, of Mankind and of the society, rotten by subjective media, influenced in a bad way, with few ways to avoid that “politically-correct-media-perfusion” that people receive unconsciously day after day. Therefore we wanted an expressive artwork about that theme, and I think that the embryo, bound to a TV-screen instead of his mother, with a remote control in his hand was really describing our concept at its best.

4 ) You had your release party at the Rockhal. Are you satisfied with your performance and what was the general feedback you got from this gig?

Of course, it was a great show, first because it was like a big thank to all our fans who support us, cause we really need their involvement and their presence that gives us power and determination. On the second hand, playing at the Rockhal for our release-party with all the bands we know and we appreciate was a great thing; unfortunately, our buddies from Scarred were missing cause their singer had been injured in a car crash few weeks ago, and that was sad (thanks he’s ok and getting better now). A lot of people appreciated that gig, cause the sound and the lights were really good, and we worked hard for it with the technical staff at the Rockhal but the result was excellent. And the public will soon have the possibility to watch that show but… shhht ! You’ll hear from it in good time ! J

5 ) Do you feel like Abstract Rapture has evolved musically since their debut in 2001?

Of course ! Absolutely ! Well, if you listen to our first release, the “Asphyxiation” demo, and then to our EP “Dead End Entry” then finally to Democadencia, the first thing you notice in the evolution is the sound: the recordings get always better and better. But for us, who compose and play these songs, we feel more insurance while we play, the composition has become really natural, and when we remember the beginning, we realize that even if the music remains the same (I mean our style didn’t change, it’s still thrash/metal), the songs are more solid, more compact, more sophisticated, more elaborate.

6 ) And what about your future plans? Is a new album planned? If so, do you already have ideas for a it?

Yes of course, we already work on new songs that will appear on the next album but meanwhile we’d like to play gigs, especially in foreign countries, cause we want to make the promotion of Democadencia and to show the world what we are able to do. That’s our main aim for the moment, and we are slowly organizing something in that way, even if, yes, as I told you, we also work for the next opus.

7 ) Last question: If Abstract Rapture was an animal, which one would it be and why?

Mmh… good question. No, we couldn’t be one animal. We would be a horde of wolves, with no leader, just five solitary and close brothers wandering together through the world, facing danger all together, sharing the little bit there is, and searching for the Light…

8 ) Thank you for the interview, the last words are yours!

Thank to you and all the staff, thanks to all the people who appreciate our music and never forget: RESIST AND THINK BY YOURSELF ! Merci villmols !



~ by The True Nemesis on July 27, 2008.

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