Andethanna 2008 – A short retrospective

On a whim I decided to join Mike for yesterday’s event and I thought I might share some of the experience here. First off was Elitist Death Squad, who once again delivered a short but extremely funny show (bible quotations included), but like so often, their technical riffs drowned in the horrible settings that were made by the first sound technician. When Man Made Suicide fired up their instruments, the sound had miraculously gotten worse (I have seldom seen that it got worse over the course of an evening). After a few (not so nice) suggestions by the band, the sound guy ran for the hills and a replacement took over. Finally somebody who knew what he was doing took over the helm and the sound started to be a bit better (although the terrible setting of the speakers did not allow for an immense improvement). I did not see much of MMS because the sound was really too terrible to stand.

Assorted Nails, a band from Freiburg, but with a Luxembourgian front man managed to stir up the stiff crowd and it started to feel like a real metal event. Both Scarred and Cleanstate delivered an impressive show (no surprises here), but due to all the delays, they played for a half empty room. The event was ok, and the beer was cheap, but next time they should try to find a sound technician with some experience in metal. Furthermore, they should have positioned the loudspeakers in a way that it would have been possible to actually hear the singer, while standing in the front row.

I hope they will repeat this event while keeping the above mishaps in mind and all should go well. Pictures can be found here.


~ by cnspiracy on July 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Andethanna 2008 – A short retrospective”

  1. Daat woren dei aus dem Altersheem niewendrun dei den Sound saboteiert hun! :>

    Mee et wor wei gesoot wierklech schued fir Scarred an Clean State, dei weinst dem délai sou speit spillen mussten…

  2. Jo war wierklech schued, as o zimlech speit gin ier dei lescht band gespillt hun an dei meescht waren dunn schon heem an d Kescht

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