Jorn – Lonely are the Brave (2008)

When I saw Jorn at the Rock Hard Festival 2008, I must say that I was disappointed at first. Now that I got the newest record I’m impressed. Lonely are the Brave ROCKS! Pure and simple. From the moment you put this record on it will spread an immense feeling of rock. Hard Rock as a genre was probably at a top point in the 80s. Since then, many bands have tried to emulate the unique feeling of this time, but it usually ended in producing a record that sounded like it had been dug up from the past. Jørn Lande manages to implement some of the greatest Hard Rock elements in his music, without falling into clichés too often. What makes the album so enjoyable is the mixture of several genres. The traditional Hard Rock sounds are enriched with heavy metal riffs and aggressive vocals. Jorn never reinvents the genre, nor do they do something that has never been done before, but the way the music is presented on this record is just so well done that you can’t resist banging your head and singing along after the first few choruses. If you like Hard Rock and need a record for the summer (this one is especially great while driving) then don’t hesitate and get Lonely are the Brave at your local record store.

There is really nothing else that I can say except: enjoy!

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~ by cnspiracy on July 10, 2008.

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