Iced Earth – I Walk Among You (Single) (2008)

Some of you have probably read the review of the Iced Earth concert at the Rock Hard Festival 2008 that was posted here a few weeks ago. Now it’s time to take a quick look at their new single that was released this month to give the listeners a quick taste of what it means that Matt Barlow is back. The biggest disappointment in my year long fan-ship for Iced Earth was probably the concert they gave in 2007 at the Wacken-Open-Air. I had never heard the older songs with the voice of the Ripper before, and I wished I never had. So when it was announced that Barlow is back I was extremely psyched.

The new single features the typical heavy riffs we’ve come to expect from Iced Earth and the heavy raw vocals of Barlow fit the music like a glove. It seems like he had never left. “I Walk Alone” immediately makes clear that Barlow has lost nothing of his former individuality. His voice is still one of the best in the genre. The second song “Setian Massacre” is more of an anthem song while “The Clouding” is a typical ballad. As Iced Earth are not only famous for their high speed riffs and thrashy power chords, the ballad is in the tradition of songs like “Watching Over Me” and “Blessed Are You”. Even though this release is pretty small and includes only three tracks (two of them only four minutes long) one thing is clear: Iced Earth are back to their old selves and we can expect an amazing record in September and an unforgettable tour.

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~ by cnspiracy on June 30, 2008.

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