Aborted Interview part.2


Aborted (click to make larger)

Picture credits: Aborted – Photo: Gregory Lamarche

Our buddy xdevx is currently busy playing Playstation 3 all day long so the MFG crew helped him out a little bit with the Aborted interview! The first part of the interview can be found at xdevx

On 20th June you are going to tour in America again. What are your feelings and expectations?

Well we are currently on tour and all I can say it’s going better than our expectations, the US has been treating us wonderfully and the shows have been just amazing. This tour package is killer and nearly sold out every night, all the bands are cool and there is a good vibe. We are returning to the US this September for another tour with Carcass, needless to say this completely blows our minds. *haha*

Do you have any plans of touring in Europe this year?

Yes, we should be doing Europe in October or later this year, we are still working on the details, I think something will be announced soon!

I read in an Interview that Cryptopsy had/have an influence on the Band?
Have you heard their new record and what do you think of it?

Yeah they did in our earlier days, it’s a great and innovating band that opened a lot of doors to musicians in the extreme metal scene. I have heard the new record and personally I love it. I can see how certain older fans might be put off by it but when you strip the record from any prejudice it’s a very solid Cryptopsy record, in a new way.

Imagine a war between Kiss and Aborted! Kiss Army vs Aborted Army! Where
would this war take place! How would it look like! And WHO would win and

This would take care in my butt, and we would win cause my stink would immediately wipe out any KISS fans out there.

Any last words?

Thank you, buy the album, eat Subway!


~ by innerwille on June 30, 2008.

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