Personal Stuff

Real Life Name: Yves
Active for MFG since: 2008
Favorite Genres: Progressive Metal, Doom Metal, Suomi
cnspiracy on MySpace:
cnspiracy on Last.FM:


Articles for MFG:……… 22
Interviews for MFG:…… 0
Average Review Note:7,8
Best Review Note:……… 9,5 (Riverside)
Worst Review Note:…… 4 (Alice Cooper – Along Came a Spider)

Best CDs Ever

  • The Cure – Bloodflowers
  • Ayreon – 01011001
  • Riverside – Rapid Eye Movement
  • My Dying Bride – A Line of Deathless Kings
  • Death – Sound of Perseverance
  • Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond
  • H.I.M. – Greatest Lovesongs vol.666

~ by cnspiracy on June 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “cnspiracy”

  1. E schmocke Kärel!

  2. ouh death – Sound of Perseverance muss ech der io mool recht gin dei cd ass GOD!! lauschtern un sech keen death metal mei, mee dei cd ass io mmol der hummer an leeft bai miir na reegelmeisseg op volle pulle:D
    an HIM gratest lovesongs ass o een sau gudden album!! respekt Sev:D

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