Little Woodstock Open-air 2008

For all of you who didn’t know, last weekend was the yearly installment of the Little Woodstock Open-air in Ernzen, Luxembourg. Since I had not finished my paper yet, I couldn’t attend the whole event, but I still managed to see some of the acts and will give you a small insight. The first band I saw was the Barcodes. They played a mix of Funk and Rock music, covering classics like “Wild Thing” by The Troggs or “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” in a Guns’n’Roses kind of way. (A song which I personally think has been overplayed too much). They handled their instruments just fine, but in my opinion they should have played more of their own material and less cover songs.

Next up was Scarred who delivered a first class Metal act. Sacha is back on his feet after his accident and the band shows that the time out did not slow them down. The only thing that was bothering me, were the sound issues (the drums sometimes overshadowed the guitars extremely) which was of course not the fault of Scarred themselves. It was also interesting to see that they were the first to get the audience to get in front of the stage, even though it was raining. Kudos!

Felicia’s Journey was the last band that night. They played some kind of rock, which was on its own quite ok. Except for the songs where they introduced a violin to the mix which sounded awful. Either the person playing had not yet enough experience to be on a stage or the sound technician fucked something up. Their cover version of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” was ok, but didn’t really convince me.

The festival team ignited a huge bonfire afterwards to keep the crowd entertained and warm. (The fire was really something.)

The next day I arrived just in time to see Elitist Death Squad. After some initial delays (somebody needs to speed up his drum preparations) they fired up their instruments and gave us a peek of their Technical Death Metal material. The sound could have been a bit better (Jo’s lead channel was too loud) but all in all they delivered what they promised: a funny and brutal show!

The last band that I stayed around to see was Dali’s Dream, a Blues Rock band. They started out with a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover (“Pride And Joy”) which is not an easy song to do. The band members know how to handle their instruments, and the singer has a really good and diversified voice. They should concentrate on writing more material on their own and they could really take off. The ZZ Top cover (“La Grange”) was great!

As I had to finish and important paper, I didn’t see the last bands of the day. If somebody saw them and wants to add a review, just leave us a comment.

Finally I would like to point out that the food was excellent, especially the spareribs were AWESOME! Next year they should however not make you take a 10€ ticket to buy your drinks. Let the people pay the drinks they want and not make them spent at least 10€.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Little Woodstock festival although one thing struck me as odd: Although it’s a Rock and Metal festival, the most people hanging out in front of the stage were always there when the Metal bands played. Maybe something to consider when choosing next year’s lineup.

Here is a link to the pictures taken by Mike (thanks again for sharing them):
Day 1

Day 2


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  1. ola the violon was not in tune because of weather conditions

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