Bloodbath – Wacken Carnage (2008)

9 years after their formation, Bloodbath finally releases their first (and maybe last) live-record. That’s quite late when you look at bands like Iron Maiden, releasing live-album every 2 weeks (exaggeration).
There are 2 sorts of live-records: the ones with very shitty quality where you can’t make a difference between singer and guitar, and there are those where you think that you are standing in the first row, seeing your favorite band live.
“Wacken Carnage” can be found definitely in the second category because this is the perfect possibility for every Bloodbath fan to hear their favorite band a second time, live with Åkerfeldt.

Let me start with the sound in general: the drums are really present, the double-bass sounds like a down-toned heavy machine gun and the snare sounds like a snare has to sound, you know that special muted metallic sound. Great!
The same for the guitars: the first moment you hear those guitars, it’s hard to say if it’s live or not. The guys who have mixed the sound for this record have done a really great job and I don’t find any point to criticize. Yeah all right, there are for sure some ways to make the guitars sound even more evil and brutal, but hey this is a live record, and when a live record sounds better than the usual albums, then go and record you next LP on a festival.
Which bothers me sometimes at live-shows on CD is the fact that you can’t hear the crowd, which is pretty important for the atmosphere. A good example for this is the “Live in Tokyo” by In Flames where you almost can’t hear Tokyo. But at “Wacken Carnage” you can hear that there are a lot more than 43 people in the crowd.
Highlight of the gig is for me definitely Mikael Åkerfeldt. Holy shit, this guy proves that he has one of the best growl-voice ever! There are no weak moments in his chant and he masters also the faster songs. Needless to say that Åkerfeldt, like always, animates the crowd with his very dry sense of humor, another reason to buy this record.

Great sound, a well mixed track list with 52 minutes of pure Death Metal and dry humor by one of the best death metal singers on this planet. Do you need any more reasons to move your ass into the next CD-Shop to buy “Wacken Carnage”? No!




1. Intro 00:24
2. Cancer Of The Soul 03:49
3. So You Die 04:28
4. Soul Evisceration 04:03
5. Ways To The Grave 03:54
6. Ominous Bloodvomit 04:36
7. Like Fire 05:01
8. Bastard Son Of God 03:09
9. Breeding Death 05:12
10. Outnumbering The Day 04:05
11. Brave New Hell 04:35
12. Furnace Funeral 05:19
13. Eaten 04:20


~ by SvArt on June 5, 2008.

4 Responses to “Bloodbath – Wacken Carnage (2008)”

  1. Having seen this gig live at Wacken in 2005, I’m looking forward to have the DVD in my collection soon (actually as soon as I have some money to buy it). Bloodbath is truly one of the great!

  2. Djeft, ech wees lo net mei ob ech d’DVD well virbestallt haat oder net… (Deemols wei den pre-order lassgaang ass)

  3. Bon, drop geschass! Haut am Media Markt einfach kaaft (lescht Exemplar am Regal! :> )

    Ahhh, wann ech daat ganzt lauschteren an un den Concert zreck denken gin ech richteg frou an der Box!

  4. ech well o een Media MArkt hai zu letz!

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