Total Negation – A Life Lead by Sorrow and not by Myself (2008)

When you read the band-name and the title of this CD, it’s quite easy to detect, which style of metal Total Negation are playing. Depressive black metal is an upcoming mutation of black metal, lead by bands like Silencer, Make a change…kill yourself, Hypothermia or Beatrik. And since a few months, a new one-man band called Total Negation tries to claim the DSBM-throne.

Total Negation are from Germany and they have been formed in 2007 by Wiedergaenger, who plays and arranges all the instruments. It’s quite difficult to find more information about the band, but on their official homepage, I’ve found a sentence which explains everything: “take your time…just listen”

As I already mentioned, Total Negation plays depressive black metal, but I also hear some doom influences, especially for the lead guitar. The vocals are quite felicitous, Wiedergaenger screams like Nattramn (Silencer), but it never sounds ridiculous and conveys a very dark and sad atmosphere. The same goes for the guitar work: hypnotic, repetitive and doleful, Total Negation manages successfully to create a world full of sadness and pain. Leading actor of this depressive spectacle is the lead guitar, which sounds like a mis-tuned violin and which makes the music of Total Negation so special. Every time, when the lead guitar screeches another high note, it feels like a stab with a knife in your soul (me, personally, I don’t believe in the existence of a soul but it’s a quite good metaphor).

In the main, “A Life Lead by Sorrow and not by Myself” is a successful debut record with some depressive highlights (especially some of the riffs in the song Dead Day). The mix is not perfect (the drums are too much in the background) and the lead guitar is also a matter of taste, but if you call yourself a fan of depressive black metal, you should buy this record/demo (it’s only 4,50€). “Take your time…just listen”



Official Myspace


~ by SvArt on June 3, 2008.

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