Detonator666 – Supremacy and Tyranny (2008)

The Czech Republic, home of a respectable football-team, some top-models like Petra Nemcová or Eva Herzigová and the famous writer Franz Kafka…and Detonator 666, the reason of my current headache.

The disease: A raw black metal virus with some thrash-agents and ultra-stereotypical Satan & Alcohol lyrics. Furthermore 4 band members who seem to play in 4 different bands: most of the time, the boring blast-attempts doesn’t fit the guitars and the singer sounds like a Pseudo-Nocturno Culto, sitting with an abdominal influenza on his toilet and screaming for someone to bring him toilet paper. Darkthrone seems to be the big idol of Detonator 666, but I think when both DT members could choose between an abdominal influenza and Detonator666, Fenriz and Nocturno Culto would record their next album on the toilet. The only gleams of hope are a few cool and efficient guitar-riffs, which appear sometimes, but they are as rare as a smile on Gaahl’s face.

How to deal with this disease: place “Supremacy and Tyranny” in a big & heavy iron-box and let it sink to the deepest ground of the deepest sea…Very easy

-6 for the over strained singer and -5 for the annoying drums = -1

+1 for the song title” Satanik Alkometal Hellkult” and +2 for a fistful of good guitar riffs…

By the way, Detonator666 got 12 of 15 points from a well known german metal-zine, the same guy who’s made this review, has given Revenge in the same zine (also on MFG) a 10 of 15… Kult.Kaka.Katastrophe!




~ by SvArt on May 5, 2008.

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