K[nine] – Dead World’s Peotry EP (2007)

Hell yeah, the last school-test of my life is written (except for the exams in 2 weeks), and the sun is shining…good premises for K[nine] to get a beneficial review. Would be quite unfair towards other bands I reviewed/will review…but in this case, I can promise you that K[nine] deserves the rating!

K[nine]? Never heard before? No problem, until now these guys have only released one full-length CD named “Unleash the Power” and they have focused more on the national metal scene. The 5 musicians stem from Norway and hey, they aren’t playing black metal…no corpse-paint, no church-burning, no Mr.Satan! Gorgoroth, Mayhem and Burzum Fans, close your eyes: K[nine] brings us some fresh and tasty metalcore, spiced with modern thrash metal elements and a pinch of simple but brutal Pantera-riffs (“Choose your End”). I’ve to admit that I’m not really a friend of metalcore, but why am I actually listening to “Dead World’s Poetry”?I think because it’s a good record…sorry Gaahl, I’ve sinned.
So what do you need to make a black metal fan listen to a metalcore record? K[nine] are on the right path: their sound is loud and juicy, the guitars sounds like straight from The Blackening (Machine Head) and you will have a god damn smile on your face when you raise the volume of your CD-player.
The groove on “Dead World’s Poetry” is omnipresent and if you’ve planned to make an air-guitar contest or to anger your neighborhood with some loud music, coming from your car, then don’t forget your K[nine] record. The songwriting is intense and varied; every song has his proper character recognition factor, no time to be bored.
The vocals are also on a high level and typical for metal-core: growls and and some clear/clean parts. Imagine Shadows Fall mixed with Machine Head, et voilà…

6 songs, 22 minutes and a smile on your face… If you like Machine Head, Pantera, Shadows Fall, Sepultura…than you are a moron if you don’t have or buy this record! And even as a fan of black and death metal, I am curious to hear more of K[nine] and they can top the 8-mark when their next full-length has the same qualities!



Official Myspace

Order Dead World’s Poetry


~ by SvArt on May 2, 2008.

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