Eths – Tératologie (2008)

Eths are a French band from Marseille and they are currently under contract with Season of Mist. The 5 musician combo plays modern metal music, which cannot be easily stuck into a specific category. Their music could be described as Nu-metal, Metalcore but they also have some proficient Goth-rock parts that remind me of Lacuna Coil at times. Overall the rhythm is quite groove orientated in a way that bands like Slipknot or Korn use as well. Which brings me to my next the point; Eths do not reinvent any musical genre nor are they pioneers of a specific mix. But they manage to fuse some prominent music styles together and serve you a stew of 15 decent and well produced tracks on their new record Tératologie.

First off let me mention that the lyrics are entirely in French. That might be something that alienates some of the potential audiences, but it works well for them. They use their own mother tongue and thereby eliminate problems that might occur due to the language barrier. Eths feature two singers: the beautiful lead singer Candice responsible for some stunning choruses and Staif, one of the guitarists who does all the aggressive growling vocal parts on the record. Songs like “Priape” perfectly demonstrate their excellent cooperation. I really like Candice’s singing and I think it’s one of the strong points of the band. It is especially impressive to know that she also does some of the growl vocal parts. (Thanks to Gunnar for pointing it out to us)

Since I’m not a big fan of Nu-metal and Metalcore (well there are some bands that I like, but overall it’s not my first choice in music) there is not much that I can say about how they fit into the genre. The riffs remind my fairly often of early Slipknot and Korn and the female clean singing fits really well into this backdrop without clashing with it. At times I would have liked more originality since you quite often get a feeling of déjà vu. Also most songs are a bit similar in construction but Eths still manage to keep the record diversified enough. The percussion work on the album by Matt Lechevalier is decent and varied yet it sometimes lacks imagination. Eths have a strong sound, some potential hit songs and try to deviate a bit from standard modern metal music although I can’t help but get the feeling that they are still afraid to take bigger risks. Even though Tératologie is a record that works. Eths try to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere yet sometimes they fall back on conventions which block the full development of the dim ambience (like in the song “Hydracombustio”).

Eths are still in the beginning of their career and they could become big if they keep up their good work and try to take some risks musically. If you don’t like this kind of music, Eths will probably not change your mind. If you however do like it, then give them a chance, they are worth it! My favorite songs of the record are the title song “Tératologie”, “Priape” and “Animaexhalare” (the most experimental song on the record).



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  1. you are in a terrible mistake :)) the aggressive growling vocal parts are made by Candice, the trademark of this french band

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