Devian – Ninewinged Serpent (2007)

Can somebody please tell me why there has been such an overflow of the extreme metal sub genre black death metal over the last years? I don´t get it! Most of the Bands sound exactly the same and only differ in the technical and speed aspects of their music, not only because of the Band Inbreeding but also because this genre starts to get more and more popular!
Well and here is probably the 1294366000th Black Death Thrash metal Band “Devian” which was formed in 2006.
The band is the brainchild of the former Marduk vocalist “Legion”, so if you don´t like his voice you can immediately forget about this record because it is he, who gives “Devian” the most important and unique touch!
The music basically consists of modern black metal flavoured death and thrash Metal, but also Oldschool Metalbands like Slayer and Iron Maiden influences are clearly audible during the 10 songs.
A positive aspect which stands out is the fact that the record isn’t overproduced, aseptic and sterile like most of nowadays Metal Bands especially in (melodic) death or black metal (Satyricon-Now Diabolical!!). These bands look out for a perfect production and save on the songwriting but Devian accomplish the span between the vibe of pure rock music and heaviness, maybe because the black Metal influences of “Legion” and “Eric”(ex-Drummer Marduk) clearly come out on the record “Ninewinged Serpent”.

“Devian” is nothing new but they created a constant record which should bring love to all blackened death metal fans.




~ by innerwille on April 24, 2008.

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