Dornenreich-In Luft geritzt (2008)

Well here it is the review of the new “Dornenreich” record “In Luft geritzt”.
At first I was a bit sceptical because nearly every band at one point in their musical career ends in a deadlock and they begin to repeat themselves or they jump on the Bandwagon.
As “Dornenreich” is my absolute favourite Band, this fear became very strong with “In Luft geritzt”, their 6th full length record, because I couldn’t imagine anything new. But now after the first listening I can calmly say that “Dornenreich” again managed to surprise me!
“In Luft geritzt” consists of 10 completely acoustic songs (violin, guitar, tambourine, voice
) and is disproportionate to everything else heard before.
Eviga” and “Inve” create an atmosphere which is just overwhelming and the songs balance between serenity and absolute mournfulness! The variety between “adagio” and “allegro” makes this consummate
record, above all, a non-expected work, which can’t be pegged as a standard acoustic record!
Furthermore even the song-titles, such as “Drang”, “Unruhe” “Jagd” “Meer” etc, indicate that “In Luft geritzt” is an album full of agitation and passion and the lyrics are adapted to the music, the few words/lyrics are sung, carked and susurrated by Eviga, which fits the concept of “In Luft geritzt”
So be prepared for an excellent “staged” acoustic record!





~ by innerwille on April 17, 2008.

5 Responses to “Dornenreich-In Luft geritzt (2008)”

  1. lo ass eisen dude bestemmt deck houfreg 🙂
    an ech besuergen mei deen Album; mol kucken waat mech do erwaart

  2. It is nice to see that there are other blogs reviewing Dornenreich (:
    I made a post about them just a few days ago (In Deutsch übrigens), in which I mainly post about older records and their style in general, though. It is interesting to see this compared, maybe you want to check it out.
    I was sceptical too, in the beginning, but this is just such a developing band. It’s a shame how fans of their black metal era turned their backs when Dornenreich discovered the acoustic (and many did).

    best wishes, Jo

  3. @ jo: check me the link of your post….

  4. Dornenreich, what a fabulous band !

  5. […] Dornenreich-In luft geritzt […]

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