Karelia – Restless (2008)

On my search for the meaning of the word “Karelia”, I’ve found nothing intelligent. So if anyone of you knows what “Karelia” means, please write me a mail. But in this case, “Karelia” stands for a French heavy industrial metal band, which started their career anno 2000. Since then they released one demo and three full length albums. The latest release is called “Restless” and yeah…here we are.

I don’t want to beat around the bush; Karelia is absolutely not my thing. Even if the first song and title-track “Restless” starts very heavy like a classic industrial metal song, this record shows his true colors very fast: mediocre heavy metal with a lot of techno and pop influences and predictable songwriting without any real nameable surprises.
The Doleful highlight of the record is the cover of the song “Lift me up” from Moby. The original song was not good but/and “Lift me up” doesn’t work at all as a metal song. Roughly the same for the R.E.M cover “Losing my religion” (why does every band feel constrained to cover this, quite good, song??), even if I have to admit that the chorus isn’t that bad.
O.K not everything is wrong with this record; the singer is quite good and he knows how to sing clean and more aggressive (sounds a little bit like Korn), but that’s not enough for me.
Maybe I’m too exigent, but as a fan of unpredictable music with a lot of highlights and progressive turnarounds, you’ve got to understand that “Restless” is as interesting for me as ice-cream for an Eskimo.
My advice: give “Karelia” a try at http://www.myspace.com/kareliaband



~ by SvArt on April 16, 2008.

One Response to “Karelia – Restless (2008)”

  1. Karelia is a region in Finland.

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