Interview with Belphegor (2008)

After the review, now the Interview with Belphegor from Austria:

Hello and welcome, thanks for accepting to answer a few questions for MFG Review!

(1)First of all, for all the people out there who don’t know Belphegor yet, could you please introduce yourself and your band?

BELPHEGOR formed in 1993. Back then we were inspired by some of the most brutal Deathmetalbands and later also incorporated highspeed Blackmetal influences into our sound, which since then became one of our trademarks.
Well, and here we are. BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE is our most mature album up to day, we have managed to melt ultra blastbeats and heaviness to one union. And the nine tracks sounds so fucking vital, full of passion and energy. I ´m totally blown away by the demonic, epic atmosphere.
U know, nowadays death/ black metal rules the world and is the strongest, the most archaic of all kinds. We always have to search for evolution and explore the music., and bring it a bit further each time, thats the masterplan. Stagnation means death!!!

2)Belphegor, a daemon from hell and a real bad horror-movie with Sophie Marceau (By the way, did you see it?). But why did you choose that name for your band?

Didn´t saw the movie yet, and i´m not really interested. Fitting our beliefs we choose to use a demons name as our bandname. According to medieval infernology BELPHEGOR is said to be the demon of great discoveries and ingenious inventions. Since he was living in caves, the high priests threw down thousands of human sacrificed carcasses through shafts, to keep him mild and tame.

(3)Belphegor stands for provocation, tits, Satan and Metal. Do you think that Belphegor could have existed 30 years ago? And will you still be able to provoke, with these themes, in 10 years?

Wrong, it ´s not about provoking u know, its about freedom, rebellion in man and art, if ppl are offended, fine by me. Lemme tell you Ilove what I´m doing here, I´m fucking motivated and possessed by this music. So what should i say, we´ll do what we always do, to keep the fire burning,… try to unleash more energy, to give the crowd ultimate hell.
The manikks are the reason why we are here, and why we rehearse, practice like fukk, to release better albums with more intension and dynamic, u know, they deserve only the best. BELPHEGOR will continue to keep the fucking devil and demonic spirit in metal music alive.

(4)11th of April is release date for your brand new LP Bondage Goat Zombie, describe it in 6 Words!


(5)Could you please explain our readers the lyrical theme for BGZ? And why have you chosen it?

The topics are, Bondage, S/M, and the devil, it fits perfect to the majestetic hymns, this time the lyrics are focused on Marquis de Sade (1740-1814). Most people don’t realize the word “sadism” comes from Marquis de Sade’s name. The album title fits perfectly with the concept, verses, thats always important.
BONDAGE: The album deals with bondage, S/M all the fetish stuff, you know and overall inspired by the themes in the work of Marquis de Sade.
GOAT: Our trademark since the end of the ninties.
ZOMBIE: This goes along with my opinion that there are people who are brainless, fucked up zombies who sleep-walk the earth, infesting it like a fukking plague.

(6)What can your fans expect from BGZ, what is new (since Pestapokalypse) and will it change the opinion of those guys who never liked Belphegor?

That dosn´t affect me, u know – not everyone is going to like what a artist release, and i don´t give a horseshit about bashing assholes. I´m not a preacher, that was never the intention to try to be everyones darling, fukk it, BELPHEGOR preach the blast beat. I mean, if u re into death/ black metal, than its better u check BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE out.

(7)I gave you 9 points out of 10, how would you rate your new record?

Cool Svart. Well, I´ll leave that up to the listener. BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE reflects what we represent anno 2008, in musical sense and how we wanted to sound.

(8)As a gimmick, every lucky person who has bought the Limited Edition (500 pieces), will get an original steel helmet to fight for Belphegor. Which gimmick will be attached on your next LP Limited Edition? Will there ever be a tank? ^^

Hell yeah, a machine gun, or even better a fukking Panzer har har.

(9)Belphegor was formed in 1993, when you think back, what was the most exciting/positive experience you’ve made with the band? And which the most negative?

A fukking hellride, there were many up and downs the last 15 years.
U know, BELPHEGOR played worldwide amazing shows, tours, open airs the last decade, met really wonderful ppl, collected incredible impressions, we had so many highlights the last years and loads of memories.
Lemme tell you, i´ve never thought to come with BELPHEGOR to Las Vegas, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Texas, Los Angeles, Florida, New York etc. You know,….if i think about it, its like a dream came true, still seems unreal for me, grazy goddamn unforgetable helltrips.

(10)MFG is famous for having at least one absurd question in there interview, so here we go: Could you imagine a girl as a band member? Which instrument would she play?


(11)O.K here’s a fictive scenario: Satan has conquered the world and everyone has to be his slave. Because of you loyalty, one of you will get promoted to Satan’s cook, one Satan’s General and one Satan’s clothes-adviser. Could you please describe the plans of every one of you?

I´m the General.

(12) Thank you very much for your patience, any last words?

Thanks for the space Svart. Regards to ya readership and all demons who stuck with us, who just got into the band, or who came to the shows.
Check the new album, entitled BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE. Metal 4 life…

Interview made by SvArt…Thanks to Belphegor!


~ by SvArt on April 13, 2008.

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