Abstract Rapture – Democadencia

Abstract Rapture, the luxembourgish Wacken Metal Battle Winner 07, finally released their first full length record “Democadencia”.

Describing Abstract Rapture´s style is not that easy, to make it simple I would call it Modern Thrash Metal. Imagine a mixture of older thrash bands like old Sepultura and more modern Bands like Machine Head but it also seems that the five musicians visited the “Göteburger school”, like for example the very melodic and powerful refrains especially in the first three songs, which are pretty catchy songs.

The production is absolutely perfect (nearly a bit too much for me) and the 11 songs kick ass, they are a real fist in your face, consisting of “Über-tight” drumming, guitar leads which give you the will to party and in the next second hit you with the power of machine gun riffs right in your face and also Dritt, the vocalist does a very good job and has a very variable voice which reminds me often of a James Hetfield from the “Black Album”.

Abstract Rapture does nearly everything right, the only thing I am missing is more variety (which is more present in the last songs) in their music and a bit more of the “dirtiness” of rock´n´ roll cause a few parts seem to be too calculated and predictable! If the Band will act more from a gut reaction or impulsively in the future, I can predict that the next record will blast everything away and that they will conquer and rough up the whole modern Metal scene. Nevertheless they did a very good job!
Abstract Rapture = A name to remember.

buy the record here

check out the hompage here



~ by innerwille on April 11, 2008.

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