Atrox – Binocular (2008)

I must admit that I had never heard of Atrox until yesterday. Since MFG has a promotional agreement with the label Season of Mist, we received a promo version of Binocular, Atrox’s upcoming record, and I was asked (since I’m into all kinds of progressive music) to have a look (or rather an ear full) and maybe review the album. Being an Atrox-virgin I first rummaged their web-presence to get an idea of what to expect, while I was waiting to receive my copy of the record.

Atrox describe themselves as a schizo metal band. They are from Trondheim in Norway and Binocular is their fifth studio album (although the band has undergone a lot of lineup changes in the past). I won’t go into the band’s history here. If you are interested, you can read all about it on their websites (links below).

So with an intense feeling of curiosity and wondering what exactly they define to be schizo metal, I started the first track “Retroglazed”. Starting out with ominous samples and sound bits from what seem to be numerous movie excerpts, the first song quickly turns into a powerful piece of industrial driven metal music. Hard, distorted guitar riffs, prominent keyboard samples and the incredible voice of Rune Folgerø turn Atrox’s music into a real and new experience. The second song “No Coil for Tesla” begins with an almost Sepulturan percussion intro and perfectly demonstrates the versatile repertoire the band has to offer. At times their music reminds me of Peter Tätgren’s Pain while at others I feel like I have been dropped into a Tim Burton production.

The samples are so diversified that each song as a unique atmosphere to offer. Calling Atrox a progressive, alternative metal band would not truly allow you to get a grasp of the eccentric sound they produce (even though there are noticeable influences from these genres) and so their self-given label schizo metal hits the mark perfectly. Binocular is one of those records that need several listens to let their genius be recognized. There is so much going on at times that you never know where to particularly pay attention to. Furthermore the repertoire of songs is so varied that the album does not bore easily. From speed industrial songs to slow alternative pieces, everything is present on Binocular.

If metal music (with an industrial touch) interlaced with very prominent keyboard samples, clean vocals and a big piece of crazy is your cup of tea, then you should not miss the 21.04.2008 when Atrox’s new release finally hits the stores.

Positively surprised of a really diversified album, I’m sending my regards to Atrox in their “Castle of Clowns”. May the Schwartz be with you!

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~ by cnspiracy on April 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Atrox – Binocular (2008)”

  1. Thanks for reviewing this one for me^^ Experimental /Shizo Metal is not my strength 😉

  2. it seems as if Atrox haven’t lost their unique touch
    @ conspiracy – you might wanna check their Contentum album which displays amazing female vocals, recommended for open minded adventurous listeners

  3. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try and do that 🙂

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