Funerarium Interview

Here it is!! I Finally managed to put up the interview with the luxembourgish Black Metal Band Funerarium! SO Enjoy Reading it!!

Can you first please introduce in a few words the band Funerarium/the musicians?

Funerarium are a black metal band consisting of two warriors namely “De Rais” (Git, Bass, Vox) and “Necroshadow” (Drums). This current line-up exists since 2002. We play traditional Black Metal, it contents fast and aggressive parts combined with atmospheric and depressive parts which makes the music more diversified and more interesting.
Funerarium was founded by me and M.S. originally under the name “Uther Pendragon” in 2000. Caacrinolaas (lead guitars) and Necroshadow (drums) joined later on, and the first demo (“Demo 2005”) was released in January 2005. The band changed name to Funerarium in early 2003. After the recording of the “Demo 2005”, Cacrinolaas left the band. The demo was re-released by the german Label Undercover records under the name “Valley of Darkness” in March 2006.
Our second Full-length release called “Nocthule” was recorded during 3 months on a 16 track harddisk recorder by us in our rehearsal room. We started with the recording in November 2006. I played all guitars, bass and did the vocals, Necroshadow played the drums. Mixing was also done by me from January until March 2007 and the Mastering was done by A.o.D. at the Temple of Disharmony in April 2007. Once again the german label Undercover-records released “Nocthule” the 31st January 2008.

The Band was formed in 2000 under the name of “Uther Pendragon” in 2003 you changed your name into “Funerarium. Why?

The name change was necessary because “Uther Pendragon” was a project without vocals and the music style was more “pagan metal” like. We also used a drummachine because of the lack of a skilled drummer. As Necroshadow entered the band in winter 2002-2003, we started rehearsaling together and we noticed that the music style was too different from “Uther Pendragon”. So we decided to change our band name in “Funerarium”. This name better suits to our kind of music.

What are you influences?

Influences on “Nocthule” were vampirism, darkness, the end of the world better known as Armageddon, the meaninglessness of life, denying christianity and all other religions, melancholy, sadness, demons, beasts, death, etc…I am responsible for writing the lyrics. I get inspiration from the darkness that’s surrounds me…Whatever happens from day to day is an inspiration.

Black Metal: identification for life? or just a lifestyle for the moment?

For me Black Metal cannot be a short lifestyle. It does not depend on how you look like, it is in your heart, rooted in your soul. I have to endure all these sneaky and ludicrously individuals that surrounds me and .Black Metal gives me the strength to bear that shit every day. Black Metal is the right medium for me to express my thoughts and my deepest feelings. For most fans ,BM is combined with drinking large quantities of beer, sharing time with friends and going to concerts. Sure, it is a part of it but the essence is what you feel /think the moment you listen to BM especially when you are alone (you can’t have that kind of feeling while hearing Death or Trash Metal). Certainly, a lot of kids use black metal or other kind of extreme music just for a short period of time, to dissociate themselves from “normal” beings. One day they will say, “Hey man, I’m grown-up, my music and style is ridiculous, I have to live my life like all the others.” When this happens, then BM was just a lifestyle for a moment to you. And you can go on with drinking large quantities of beer, sharing time with friends and going to concerts, but with one difference: this time without Black Metal. It will just be replaced by any other kind of trendy lousy music. Only then BM was a lifestyle for the moment.

Why don’t you play any concerts, or are there planed any?

It is quite plain, because we are only two members. It is impossible for me to do the vocals, playing two guitars (rhythm and lead guitar) and bass at the same time! The only solution to solve this problem is to find some session musicians and then we could enter the stage.
Basically we create music for our own satisfaction , that’s the essence…playing in front of people can be nice, if the conditions are right, the atmosphere must be right and the sound must be good. A good example for a perfect ambience was last year the gig with Eyseth Zenunim at the Hohlay in Berdorf…..but the whole organization of getting from one place to another, arranging the stage and carrying the heavy amplifiers and all that stuff… also seeing the same faces again and again. That’s why we don’t want to play often live… I don’t see the meaning in performing every week… it becomes routine but a live performance must be unique, something to look forward to by us and the audience.

In an interview Black Candle told us that there isn’t a Black Metal scene in Luxembourg and that people aren’t open-minded for such music as Black Metal. Do you agree?

I don’t take part in the Luxembourgish scene. I think that Luxembourg has always had a rather pathetic scene. Fact is that there aren’t many BM Fans in Luxembourg, because Luxembourg is such a small country. It’s very simple, there can’t be a big scene. I don’t care what others say, but you find idiots and dissidents worldwide. It does not matter where you live, it always will be the same shit. But this has nothing to do with Luxembourg in particular. The only place which is worth living is a place without human beings!

How were the reactions to the new record so far?

The release of “NOCTHULE” was rescheduled by our label again and again so that it finally got released on the 31 January 2008. “Nocthule” was finally out after more than 6 months delay. There was delay due to some layout complications and problems with the pressing of the CDs. Furthermore our label made no advance promos, so we’ve got no response for the moment. I have not seen for myself any reviews until now, but all reactions of metalheads who heard the release were positive. I suppose that in 2-3 months the first reviews should be published. I only can say personally that “Nocthule” is the best release of Funerarium. All our songs were worked on until complete satisfaction. This was not the case for our first demo, but now that we are better musicians and that we are more experienced, we keep on becoming more professional.

What are your 3 Island records?

That would be a very tough call…
Enthroned – Prophecies of Pagan Fire
Mgla – Presence
Graveland – Carpathian Wolves

What are your objectives you want to achieve in the future?

After the recording of “Nocthule”, Necroshadow and I wanted to create a side-project which is faster than “Funerarium”, with blast drums like “In Battle” or “Setherial”. Therefore we created a side-project called “Hexemeeschter”. For the moment we are rehearsaling with 2 ex-members of Seasons of Frost and a new vocalist. But this line-up is only for this side-project . It has nothing to do with “Funerarium”. We will soon start the recording of 4 new songs, which maybe will be released on a split EP.
After that recording, probably in winter 2008, we will continue with new strength the work of Funerarium. We will look perhaps for another label for the next release and we’ll rehearse and make new songs for the next album. Undercover Records said to us that “Nocthule” shall be released also on LP with 1 bonus track, but that’s not sure for the moment. We’ll see what the future brings.

Last Words?

In summer 2007 I have recorded, mixed and mastered the first demo for the Luxembourgish BM band called “Graaweskeelt”. It is a 3 track MiniCD, with a total running time of almost 30 minutes. I have also played an additional guitar on track 1 and on track 3, always at the end of each song. The demo is now available on a limited CDR and can be ordered through me.

Thanks for the interview guys! the review of their recent record “NOCTHULE” can be read here

The interview was made by innerwille


~ by innerwille on April 8, 2008.

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