Ensis – Ouverture (The Burning Shrine of Hypocrisy) (2008)

ENSIS was founded in 2006. Today, 2 years later I’m listening to their debut EP “Ouverture (the burning shrine of hypocrisy)”. Raised from the ashes of the band “Tchaka”, the remaining drummer and guitarist recruited musicians from Spyglass, Presshell and Desiderata. In February 2007 the band started to play their first shows. Last year ENSIS played as support for Darkest Hour and Himsa.

The EP was recorded an mixed in June/July 2007 in the Abbes-studios. Seems like this was a good choice. The sound of the album is really straight. But my first criticism here is the sound of the melodic guitar. I really had to concentrate on the melodies to hear them. For me, those melodies should be louder. But still, the production is very good! Thumbs up! Let’s move on to the EP’s songs.

The songs have fast death/thrash drumming an riffing with some slower parts between and some hardcore influences too. That’s how I would describe the sound of ENSIS. Patrick Didier, the front man, did a very good job. He’s screaming and growling as well. Sometimes it could have been a better idea to try some other melodies or a different singing style, but still, well done. The chorus parts on this EP were very hard for me to find. Maybe because of the vocals, maybe because of the sound of the melodic guitar. The drums are pounding and have a nice, deep sound! The guitar sound is good as well, just like I said before, very good production for a debut EP! The songs don’t have a lot of big surprising moments, the song structure is predictable. Maybe this is why the songs get boring sometimes. But some hardcore influences and cool breaks help to put some kind of variety into the music. Talking about variety, the last song, ‘’How to love my foolish mind’’, has a slower part with a calm guitar melody which turns into a atmospheric part and the song starts to grow again without getting too fast. This is one of the best parts for me on this EP, a very good end! After over 19mins the EP comes to an end. Quite a lot of music for 6 €. Just like it should be.

So whats left in the end? A debut EP which gives me a lot of hope for a further album. If ENSIS can manage to put more variety and concise (chorus) parts into their songs I’m sure that the next LP will be killer!



~ by charly87 on April 8, 2008.

4 Responses to “Ensis – Ouverture (The Burning Shrine of Hypocrisy) (2008)”

  1. Do you really think that 6€ balance out the 19min? Consequentially you’d be willing to pay 18€ for 57min?

  2. Unfortunately, thats what we are paying for a CD, here in Luxembourg no?

  3. That’s quite a good reason not to buy a record in a local shop! 😉

  4. I totally agree with that 🙂 But Luxembourg is some kind of an extreme in CD-Price-Philosophy, in germany you’ll pay 12 -15 euros for an LP

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