Here is the official statement by the luxemburgish band “dEFDUMP”:


Dear reader, dear lover, dear friend, dear fan

There comes a time in your life when you have to learn how to let go the things you love the most.

I feel sorry to announce the end of dEFDUMp after 15 years of passion, inspiration and true love for the things that we did.

dEFDUMp was the most important thing in our lives and I would like to thank Marc, Félix and Vincent for sharing the best moments of my life on the stages that ment the world to us. Our journey was incredible and brought us to places we never ever expected to see, we shared so much time together, so many precious moments, practising, playing gigs, recording, we’ve spent a milion miles on the road and hours just talking about the world and how to make a change.

We always stood true to our beliefs and never wanted to conform or to adapt to any scene or any genre because adaptation and conformity was what we tried to escape from in first place. So we will always be grateful towards the people that loved and supported us, to all the people that accepted us with all of our differences and imperfections, to all the people that helped and loved us along the way, all the people that loved our music and understood our message.

There are no words to express our grattitude, you will always be a part of our lives.A very last thank you goes out to our families and loved ones for their neverending support.

Thank you again and again and again, a milion times, all of our love and grattitude goes out to you wherever you may be, we will always be grateful for the love, the passion and the energy you gave to this band, thank you to our fans and friends

We will play 3 last shows here at home in Luxembourg which will be the last chance to see dEFDUMp perform their art.You may check out all of the details concerning these shows on www. defdump. com or www. myspace. com/defdump in a near future.

dear reader, dear lover, dear friend,

It doesn’t matter where it started, it doesn’t matter where it ends
the only thing that really matters is what happened inbetween



~ by SvArt on April 7, 2008.

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