Black Comedy – Instigator (2008)

Do you like Dr.House and Monthy Python? Then you’ll like Black Comedy! Do you like modern metal, Sepultura and InFlames? Then you will probably like the Norwegian band Black Comedy. Last month they released their second full-length player “Instigator” and I’ve bothered to make a review of every single song on the album. Why? I don’t know but I hope that you like it. You better do because it has taken me some time ^^

“Instigator” starts with an Intro called The Emergence. You can hear some guitar- and synth-noises…nothing special but okay it’s only the intro.
-Unfortunately the first “real” song, Favorite Hateobject, is the worst song on the whole record: the synthetic leads are annoying, kitschy and misplaced and the singer shouts like he is choking on something. Fortunately the massive guitar sound and the felicitous choir-vocals, which remind me of the new InFlames releases, avoid that I throw the CD away.
War Incognito also starts with some strange synthetic sounds, but after the first few seconds, this song turns into a great and cool piece of Groove Metal. Best regards from Sepultura! Also the singer has finally reached the necessary level. Keep it up, this song is pure Sex!
-Guess with what Sum of all Shit starts…Yeah some synthetic sounds. But this song is a good example of why the synths are the strength and the weakness of this record: in the chorus they are used very well because they award it with power, but in the verses, they simply suck. Summary: Sum of all Shit has a powerful refrain drum-work, not bad.
Prime Specimen starts with an interplay between the guitar and the synths, accompanied by the harsh vocals of Jon E. Bergan, followed by a clean-vocals-chorus. Until here there is nothing special. But at 2:14 Black Comedy becomes more technical; the riffs reminds me of Meshuggah and awards the song more alternation. After a synthetic interlude, comes a face-punching breakdown back to the chorus. Felicitous.
-Thank God, Civial Paranoia starts with some double-base. This song continues what War Incognito has started. A nice combination of Groove and Brutality but unfortunately the chorus here is a bit weaker than in the other songs. But the powerful double-base parts are saving the day. Civil Paranoia is with its 6minutes and 22 seconds the longest song on Instigator and offers you also some whale-sounds…no joke.
Powerful guitar riffs, a bombastic double-base sound and a chorus which could come immediately from Strapping Young Lad…At one with decadence bids you everything you need if you are a fan of modern metal, even if the harsh vocals in the verses are not 100% felicitous.
Lord of Locust is the most brutal song because of the aggressive guitar-riffs and the blast beat-attacks from the drummer. This song has its right to exist.
Inhale the Sulphur and Crawl to Exeed are similar to the other songs and Black Comedy starts to get a little bit boring, maybe they should put only 8 or 9 tracks on their record next time instead of 12.
Subtle Conversion is a little bit different because of its adventurous chorus part, which is in my eyes a little bit too…too much Pop (Because of the synths again).But I liked the melancholic ending.
-The last song is Story of the God, The Beast and the Fools Between. The song is as long-winded as its title and finishes the record slightly unspectacularly.

O.k I think it’s time now for the closing words: Black Comedy don’t reinvent anything with Instigator, they use things that we already known from other bands (sometimes in a better way) but they use it in a fair and entertaining manner, and if you don’t have an allergy to some synthetic sound, you won’t be disappointed when you buy this album. Modern, Groovy and O.K!

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~ by SvArt on April 7, 2008.

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