This will destroy you @ Heidelberg (02.04.2008)


My Brother, a friend of us and I arrived in Heidelberg at 6pm, so we still had enough time to eat something and watch some “Champions League” at our friend’s place.
At 9p.m. we hit the road and after 2 minutes we arrived at the “Karlstorbahnhof”, which was just the perfect location (not too big and a relaxed atmosphere) for such a concert.
So we got a beer and waited for “Good Morning, fridge Buzz”, a local experimental indie band. “Good morning…”certainly has some good ideas and surprising moments, but in the end their music is too incoherent, and the different parts of a song often didn’t fit.
After they played for about an hour, “This will destroy you” entered the stage and the 4 guys, who looked like the nerds from school who were always beaten up by the rowdies, started with their malicious melancholy followed by an incredible sound-wall, they produced an incredible bone-breaking and hypnotizing sound so that we were thinking the world was going to end. The slow and long-lasting changeovers from the melancholic parts to the aggressive sound-wall parts were absolutely perfect but on the other hand, when the band tried to calm down after a heavy party, it often didn’t work out. Instead of fading out their instruments they just stopped playing one after the other, which sounded awful.
Nevertheless it was a very cool evening with a great ambient post-rock band, which ended in a very cool bar named “cave”.

Thx to Denis and Philippe for the Bëmpel.

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~ by innerwille on April 3, 2008.

4 Responses to “This will destroy you @ Heidelberg (02.04.2008)”

  1. As gaer geschitt,war wierklech een coolen owend mat enger genialer band a location.An d’Cave war sou stramm.Schreiwm twdy mol na op myspace an dann man ech bessen reklamm fir eech

  2. hey, I’m from the band good morning, fridge buzz. thank you for the review and seeing it from the critical side. We’ll work on it.

  3. My review:

  4. […] This will destroy you @ Heidelberg (02.04.2008) […]

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