Nightwish Concert – 22.03.2008

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Well I’ll start off with the concert in chronological order:


First of all, I have to say that I’ve never heard of that band until that evening. At first I thought it was a doom-like metal band but during the entire songs the heavily sample oriented music made it clear that it was more industrial like fusing techno with metal. What I missed most were guitar solos at some point (wait, that’s not that styles genre is it? Guess it’s just me then, sorry) and the fact that a keyboard player playing the samples would have been great. The samples just don’t get enough attention just being there in the PA…

Well back to the concert: They made a good performance that night, fired up the people with some songs which even made me jump (the tunes and the beat were really catchy). The sound, although having been mixed with too much bass, was clear and neat. Well the dB limitations can really be noticed at such occasions, I kept thinking that with a bit more power they could have gotten more people into the jumping and moshing.

A band I would certainly recommend worth looking into, but I kept wondering, why put them in a concert as warm-up band for Nightwish? There were tons of bands out there which could have been more appropriate to fit the style… They could have even searched for a local band to be the opener like some touring bands do… (Something which I personally find great). Nonetheless they gave a great performance, cheers guys it was cool.

PS: What I found most disturbing at the beginning, but due to style differences can well be understood, was that a lot of people only came to see Pain. (Hail to EMF guys was great seeing you again)



I’ll be honest,  I just wanted to see their performance with their new singer and clarify the rumors I heard about their new front lady. I felt a bit nostalgic that night because it reminded me of the time when I listened more to things like Sonata Arctica and Stratovarius. I saw them at Wacken 2005, knees deep in mud, at the night to remember… it really was a night to remember: fireworks, good atmosphere, great performance and hell… quite a show actually seeing Tarja, their former front lady, dressed differently every couple of songs, depending on the mood of those songs… So I didn’t know what to expect from the “new” Nightwish.

About the concert: Well for starters they only played a great deal of songs from their new album obviously: their new singer Anette Olzon, is a different type of vocalist, more rock and bass tones fit her, she’s not cut for the high pitch opera vocals… so the old songs like “Wishmaster” were not that great (although for once the lyrics were clear and you did not need a Dentist or Hamster for the Fishmaster, thanks Misch for that comment).

She couldn’t reach the level of Tarja both show and performance wise, but she had a more natural way to meet the public. She gave more of herself to her fans and fired them up a lot more than Tarja, who stood over the crowd doing her job and playing a part in a show. I wish they would have formed a new band with their singer and done more rock’n’roll and heavy metal things or even more folklore songs like some of the new album stuff, but oh well… For me personally that night I knew that the old Nighwish was gone and it was time for them to do something different.

Soundwise, they had way to much bass like Pain and the main elements of some songs like keyboards didn’t have enough presence. Their guitar player, Emppu, did some nasty fuck-ups during some riffs and licks, but he kept cool and did a good performance. One member that stood out of them all was the drummer, Jukka (Julius), who kept a fiery beat and you could see he put his passion and strength into the drums, great performance. Marco, the bass player and second vocalist also did a great job, he has a unique voice and I still wonder why he hasn’t done a solo project or something in that direction (someone told me later on that he in fact does have another band, I’ll look that up). Tuomas, the keyboard player, could have done a bit more crowd entertainment or done more than stand behind his keys posing around: take a look at Jens Johanssen (Stratovarius) or Henrik “Lance” Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica) or even Joost van den Broek (After Forever).


All in all, it was a normal concert, nothing special. Personally I was disappointed about Nightwish’s performance, yet I still had a good time and a good laugh with friends I met back there (and their comments, stories and having a drink or two at the “bar”).


The sound was really bad, way too much bass, no presence of some instruments and the sound was very unstable at some places of the hall.

The parking and in-door service were very good, professional organization to the top, you had everything you needed… but it wasn’t cheap at all and there were some quality lacks (come on, 5 € for some noodles which gave me a stomach ache?).

The light show was really great, hell I don’t know who did it but thanks, it was cool to watch: breathtaking and marvelous… Good job guys!



Typical Luxembourgian concert with nearly no movement whatsoever (except from the die hard fans and metal people), and too many people who thought it would be like a cocktail party, which kept complaining about the “long haired people who can’t control themselves”… Hell, IT’S A FUCKING METAL CONCERT! If you want to see the show ok, no problem, but don’t stand close to the stage and expect that people will toast with you with champagne! Metalheadz care for each other, we are like brothers and sisters, we pick up our people who fall during mosh-pits, we help them find their belongings back like fallen glasses or cell phones, but we also live for our music and we want to express ourselves, that we like the music or that we feel good, towards our friends and the band, and we will not put on satin gloves because Mr. or Misses X thinks we are uncivilized…

Benno out, till next time.


~ by rahjas on April 3, 2008.

6 Responses to “Nightwish Concert – 22.03.2008”

  1. Hey Benno!
    Ginn der sou ziemlech an allem Recht.
    Wuer alt keen Konzert wou een seet: “Während der Zäit hätt ech gudd eppes aaneschters kéinten maachen”, mee awa och keen “Deen Konzert werd ech laang an Erennerung behaalen”. Stolzes Mittelmaß!
    Mee bei der Organisatioun hunn ech aaner Saachen héier, enner aanerem soll ett Problemer ginn hunn Parkplaatzen ze fannen wéinst deem komischen Chantier do deen ganz an der Géigend war (enner aanerem ass den Zuch nitt bis dohinner gefuer, sou dass ech an meng Kolleschen missen den Bus huelen an dann een gudd Steck ze Fouß missen goen -.-). An fierun allem wuer ett wéi emmer an der Rockhal selwer ziemlech bis mahßlos iwwerdeiert. 2€ fier Dikricher aus der Fläsch o.O
    Nunje, Rockhal kann sech daat genemigen. (op jidde Fall haat ech mäin Spaß mam Schokolaasstand^^)
    Ennert dem Strich awa een gudden an absolut passenden Konzert “Review”.
    MFG, Ritchie

  2. Hm jo nuje wei mir ukomm sin kruten emr direkt eng parkplaatz an hun fond dei dei opgepasst hun and leit geleed hun woren frendlech an hu gehollef (zumindest bei ons elo mol). Vum zuch haat ech guerkeng ahnung, as mein eischten concert review an haat um ufank guerkeen plang op waad ech genau oppassen solt.

  3. Naja, den Zuch ass io eigentlech egal, huet io just indirekt eppes mam Konzert ze dinn.
    Do hunn ech dann lo fläit e bessen iwwerdriwwen^^

  4. @Shacreth: 2 euro viir en Beier ass awa su zimlech normaal op all koncert, fannen do ass lo nik onbedengt een reproch ze maan;) (p.s. zu Heidelberg um this will destroy you konzert waar den beier 3.50 mat pfand an et waar o na BECKS;))

  5. wei wär et mat guer keen Beier drenken, drenkt Strongbow! ^^

  6. De Concert war zimmlech bäh, den Sound war enner aller Sau! (hun héieren den Atelier deen jo organiséiert huet, géif emmer un der Sono spueren!!)

    Waat Nightwish betrefft, as d’Anette net d’Tarja – et muss een Nightwish lo als nei Band gesin, dofir missten se déi aal Lidder eben elo op der Säit loossen, as mol meng Meenung! De Problem as mat CD’en mess de haut keng Suen méi dofir mussen se lo op Tour goen (& wann eet och nemmen as fir d’Anette mol ‘public’ ze maachen … dat den Nightwish Zuch rem rullt)

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