(Lux) Metal Battle 2008 Fighters


Fast Friday released their new album last October and celebrated a terrific release party with about 700 guests. “Gambling with the truth” is a modern, powerful and catchy album which makes Fast Friday one of the most influential bands in the local metal scene.

Everwaiting Serenade are one of those bands that leave nothing but chaos in their wake. Like Fast Friday, they’ve just released an album that is a model in its genre and the band is eager to move up to a new stage in 2008.

Retrace my Fragments are very likely to become the talk of the town during the next weeks, when their EP is going to be released (scheduled for spring). They’re going to play a European mini tour as well. This is a band that never stops progressing and that will soon bring in the crops of their hard work.

are probably one of the most efficient live bands in Luxembourg’s local scene. With their experience of many gigs as an opening act, this band has become kind of a war machine with a perfectly oiled engine.

Infect could be seen as one of the outsiders in this competition. As a matter of fact, the band slowly seems to gain maturity and its performances become more and more impressive. A true wall of sound.

Although Ensis are cataloged as a trash band, once on stage, these musicians have a positive animosity that turns the band into a true steam-roller. Your eardrums will remember them for a long time!

This evening’s vanquisher will later join the winners of the other Metal Battles, which take place in various countries. They will play one of the stages of the Wacken Open Air Festival, where there will be a new contest. This time, the lucky winner will be rewarded a record deal with Wacken Records, in co-operation with SPV Records, one of the world’s biggest metal labels.

Special guest: Torture Squad (Brazil), winner of the 2007 Metal Battle.

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~ by SvArt on April 2, 2008.

One Response to “(Lux) Metal Battle 2008 Fighters”

  1. Wann ech mer deen Line-up mool sou unkucken… Sinn ech nawell gespaant^^
    Hunn keen speziellen Favorite hei, heescht also dass mäin Support ganz dofunner ofhänkt wéi se sech live schloen 😛

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