Isolation – Isolation (2008)

Isolation - Isolation

“Suicidal” Black Metal: This genre seems to have been so much overplayed during the last years that it has become some kind of trend. Anyway, Isolation is one of those bands that brings nothing original to the already saturated genre.

This self-titled CD is in fact a compilation of their previous demo efforts, released by the German label Eisenwald Production. So what you get is no new material, but I’ll act as if you didn’t have the ultra-rare demos in your shelf.

Despite not being the most original band in the history of Black Metal, Isolation manages to create decent music, reminiscent at times of Silencer, especially due to the shrieking vocals sometimes used (Quiet These Colours Will Fade). Technically, the album is fairly well produced (Ok, it’s not an Abyss Studio production, but for Black Metal standards it has got a nice sound) and the five tracks seem pretty homogeneous for a compilation. Sometimes doomy (Abschied), sometimes more aggressive (Nur Ein Moment), the music is varied enough to make Isolation a decent album, but won’t capture your attention for more than two or three listens, except if you’re an unconditional Depressive Black Metal fan.

If you’re interested, you can order the CD at the Eisenwald homepage.



(Black Oversexy Wizard)


~ by blackwizard666 on March 31, 2008.

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