Septic Flesh – Communion (2008)


I was quite surprised when I read that Greece has more than 900 metal-bands. If you would ask me, I could list only one: Astarte. But maybe I listen to a lot of bands which are from Greece, and I didn’t know this ’til now…maybe.
But since a few days, I could list 2 bands because I’ve discovered Septic Flesh, a Death-Metal Band from Athens. This 4 man band was formed in 1990 and “Communion” is their 7th release already…shame on me that I didn’t know them because I’ve missed one of the most diversified Death Metal Bands ever.
So how should I describe Septic Flesh…It’s like an “Epic Hollywood Movie” has fucked with a modern Death Metal Band. Imagine “Damnation and a Day” (Cradle of Filth) or “Armageddon Death Cult” (Dimmu Borgir) without those lousy “Black” Metal riffs but with a lot of face-smacking Death riffs…et voilà: Septic Flesh.
Arrangement: For Communion, Septic Flesh has worked together with a full orchestra which awards Communion with an enormous power and majesty. Furthermore the record sounds very varied and doesn’t bore you. There are fast songs, designed like a roller coaster drive through an expensive mythology-movie and there are more slow and dark songs, always accompanied by the complex, melodic and brutal guitar-riffs and the aggressive drum-work.
Vocals: Septic Flesh has saved on nothing; the vocals are brutal as hell, even Hades would piss in his pants when the singer starts to growl. In some songs, the growls are interrupted by some clean vocals. They sound a little bit exceptional, but lend “Communion” a darker touch…nice.
I’ve found nothing important to criticize; Septic Flesh knows how to entertain their fans. “Communion” is dark, huge, spectacular, brutal… a masterpiece. Buy or Die!
Best Songs: Lovecraft’s Death, Babel’s Gate, Sunlight Moonlight


~ by SvArt on March 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “Septic Flesh – Communion (2008)”

  1. I had also never heard anything by these guys (to my utter shame as a true metal-head!)

    This is a great album, and like you also noted, it has all the good things that Dimmu and Cradle have (great orchestration and gothic atmosphere), without the more annoying things (corpse-paint, lesbo vampires, depressed tweenage boys in eyeliner, etc.)

    Fred Nordstrom helped produce a fine symphonic metal record without over-doing it (hear that Rhapsody??) Why aren’t these guys more popular??

  2. well there will be a european tour in december with gorgoroth, cradle of filth, moonspell and asrai, i think they will get more popular after that…

  3. You can also find an Interview with those guys on our blog

  4. This album is brillant !

  5. Great album, really great

  6. I didnt think it was possible to pull off deathmetal with a orcastra but it has succeeded.Just wish the vocals were better the intrumentation is incredible far greater and much better than the Damnation or Deathcult albums.everthing those albums lacked u can find it here minus the vocals I dont care for the vocals of septic flesh and I do like deathmetal it just is too easy to hear unlike most deathmetal vocals.Vader,Decapitated,Nile etc etc

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