Funerarium – Nocthule (2008)


The 2 men band “Funerarium” was actually formed in 2000 under the name of “Uther Pendragon” and as such they released a first demo called “Songs of Battle” in 2001. In 2003 they changed their name into “Funerarium” and after having released a second demo in 2005 and the first full length record in 2006, Funerarium present us now their new album: “Nocthule”.
De Rais (bass, guitars, vocals), and Necroshadow (drums) play some simple, fast, and raw “second wave” Black Metal and they don´t have to ensconce
The production and sound are volitional underground but in no way ridiculous like Mayhem´s “Ordo ad Chao” for example. Where a lot of Black Metal Bands nowadays try to get a plastic clay and pompous sound or in the opposite way try to create a “trve”, “kvlt”, Burzum prison or Mayhem basement sound, 90% of the Bands fail and lose their credibility, but Funerarium does it right, I absolutely buy their ´94 dark Norway sound!
The music is nothing new, which can be seen in a very positive way if you like a raw sound, fast drumming and typical “Transylvanian Hunger” guitar riffs! What bothers me is the voice, where the hall-effect is sometimes a bit too strong, but actually this is a matter of taste.
“Nocthule” is a constant raw Black Metal record which certainly can keep up with other well-known Bands in the scene.

Good Job!

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~ by innerwille on March 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “Funerarium – Nocthule (2008)”

  1. Totally agree! Great album

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