The Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted (2008)


So… the Cavalera brothers are together again eh? Sounds like a fucking good opportunity to kick some serious ass. When Igor left Sepultura a lot of people were already speculating about when they were going to reunite. But who would have thought that these two would found a new project together? So here we are … The Cavalera Conspiracy begins…


First off the songs are altogether a modern version of the good old sepulture style: a lot of thrash, death riffs combined with the usual tribal influences, it sounds so much like Sepultura one wonders why they made a new project out of it. Yet new modern influences make it sounds a little different, some electronic parts and some riffs give it a fresh sound.

It surely is a hell of an album: you have a lot of fast thrash songs like Sanctuary and Hex but also very doom like songs like Ultra-violent and Must Kill. Terrorize is the song that reminds me most of Sepultura. Inflikted, being the title song, is under heavy criticism from a lot of fans, yet personally I liked it: it has a very old school thrash-like sound, with kick ass solos, and a lot of interesting variations inside the song itself (towards the end of the song anyways). Igor’s drumming needs an extra comment: He is fucking back into it! Some people claimed he had lost his touch, yet on this album I find his drum pounding strong and impressive.

A must have for all Sepultura, Soulfly and Cavalera fans. The only negative points I could add to the album is that it reminds me too much of the old sepulture style (no offense, just being objective), a new approach could have been interesting and the fact that the songs themselves are fucking short…

Well in this style of music it’s better to have fast songs that punch you in the face than long boring songs so I’ll drop that point. Have fun listening to it, I sure know I did.

PS: Some songs remind me a lot of Dethklok for those who know them.





~ by rahjas on March 26, 2008.

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