Liquido – Zoomcraft (2008)


Back in 1998 there was a band which managed that I almost killed myself.
Ok their hit song was really cool the first 100 times and we kids were crazy about it, but then the radio stations overdid it and played the song 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From that time on this song always invoked a strong feeling of nausea in me.
I am talking about the incredible “Narcotic” by the German one hit band “Liquido”.
After their five minutes of fame they changed the label and released the second album, called “Zoomcraft”, under Nuclear Blast records(?????)!
Without any expectations, which was the best thing I could do, I listened to this record for the first time, and there immediately was this well-known feeling of nausea again but this time with the epiphenomenon of pus-filled diarrhea.
The five guys from Heidelberg try on their fifth record to follow a trend from the mid/end nineties.
Umpteen times heard melodies, infant school song structures and a forced coolness lead to a 08/15 trash dance pop band which would be cool if they wouldn’t take themselves so serious.
The incredible disgusting voice and the obtrusive shitty 3 note Synth melodies in every song put you over the edge.
The questions I asked myself during the whole time were 1) Why the fuck does Nuclear Blast sign such a crap? and 2) Why does nobody help these guys to get a real job so that they don’t have to make fools of themselves anymore.
If you are curious about the new “Liquido” please listen
to the Bloodhound Gang!!!




~ by innerwille on March 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Liquido – Zoomcraft (2008)”

  1. Ui ui ui, deen Video Clip! Do probeiert een een op Kraftwerk ze maan? an waat mecht dei ahnungslos Brünette do?


  2. wuhu merci Luc dass du dech geopfert hues dei “CD” ze reviewen…ech denken o un dech wans de an puer joer un Ouren-Kriibs stiews

  3. Mann as daat Lidd schlecht,keint den Denis do net eng kleng arrangeieren,si sin jo fun Heidelberg kaboooooooooooooom
    Mee den review as top:)

  4. Gratz fir déi 5000 Klicks! 🙂

  5. waat hudd dir fier een Ansturm op aer Sait, eleng weint Liquido … chazing! 😀

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