Interview with Gouda Borgir

After the review of Gouda Borgir’s first EP Ostafærð, MFG is proud to present (probably) the first Interview ever with Gouda Borgir. To find out why Cheese is the new Black and why you should avoid Hippos , read the lines below…


-On the Internet, it’s pretty hard to find some information about you. Could you please introduce your band to our readers?

Gouda Borgir is a band focused on doing it’s own thing. We write about cheese because it’s cool. We started out in early 8002(2008). with no simpler goal than to make music we enjoyed ourselves.

-Why Gouda Borgir?

Why not?

-Has anyone of you two gathered some experiences in other bands?

Odds and ends, but nothing worth mentioning.

-In your band-bio, you announce the war against posers and kvltsters, could you explain your motifs for your “Jihad”?

Fags trying to convey so called suicidal emotions through their music, should rather practice what they fucking preach and slit those wrists, pull a “Dead, get your fathers shotgun and make brain lasagna.” Stop trying to pass off recording the same shit 18 times under different song titles with varyingly shitty production just because you think it’s the real way of the underground. Fuck that, posers like that should team up with the emo-rocking teenage sluts and commit a mass suicide. Preferably televised.

-Let’s be honest: the satanic theme of black metal is getting boring and has lost its impact. Do you think that cheese is the new direction?

We don’t really give a flying fuck what everyone else talks about, we do whatever we want to and that’s it. For us cheese and dairies have always been the direction, and we intend to follow it. What everyone else does is fully up to them.

-Let’s talk about your EP Ostafærð: What is the meaning of the title?

Cheesejourney/Journey of cheese. Simple as that.

-The production sounds pretty professional, where has it been recorded and is a full-length record planned for this year?

Ostafærð was recorded in Nocturno Cheeso’s studio, Vanskapt studios, somewhere in the frost-bitten woods of Sweden, far from civilization. That’s all we’re telling you.
Right now we’re working on a split EP with a band we’re not gonna reveal the name of, also a full-length is planned to be recorded and released sometime in the late spring/summer.

-The review of your EP is read 10-20 times a day on our blog, what was the feed-back you became from your listeners?

Positive to say the least, maybe people are looking for something different than the usual hail Satan, rape the hymen of the holy virgin and worship the goat crap.

-The way you combine Black Metal with cheese is a pretty funny concept, but do you think that it’s made for the future?

At least for us it is, we don’t really care what anyone thinks of or about that.

-Why are there hippos on your CD-Cover? ^^

Hippos are probably amongst the most nihilistic animals there is, not bothering with ridiculous socializing, bonding or anything like that. And they kill a lot of people. Plus, they could gulp down a fuckload of cheese with those huge mouths.

-What is your favorite cheese?


-What would you do if a pride of Mormons would ring at your door?

Take their pamphlet, look at it, laugh in their faces and burn it in front of them tell them to go fuck themselves.

last words…

The north shall rise to dominate. We shall rise to rule. There is…
Thanks for your interest in Gouda Borgir. Stay true!

The Interview has been made by SvArt
Answered by Grevé S and Lord S
Many Thanks to Gouda Borgir!
Click here for Gouda Borgir’s Homepage

~ by SvArt on March 13, 2008.

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