Bloodbath – Unblessing the Purity EP (2008)


Well where should I start… Bloodbath is preparing a new album! But before that, they have just released a new EP called Unblessing the Purity: A mini-cd with four songs featuring Mikael Åkerfeldt on vocals again and a hell of a lot of brutality! A live DVD/CD will also be released on april 21 just in case you didn’t know, featuring songs of the Wacken Open Air concert of 2005 (which was a kick ass performance with a hell of an audience).

So… the EP… well my first impression is that they lost some of their groove from Resurrection Through Carnage like in the songs Ways to the Grave and Buried by the Dead and replaced it with faster riffs and cunning drums. The EP is very promising if you like the straight forward Death Metal style with some elaborate riffs and technical parts, and the Bloodbath fans will not be disappointed. The vocals are typically Åkerfeldt style, with a strong presence, a warm tone and filled with violence (in other words *good*). Yet you can hear and feel that he didn’t write the vocals and that he was not intended to be the singer for those songs : in fact the original singer could not come to the studio, and Åkerfeldt was called to fill in for him during the recording session! (The vocals aren’t bad but you feel that they are kind of strange somehow)

A fucking cool EP with a lot of “schmackes” (punch). Hell yeah, can’t wait for the CD.

Id give it a 7/10 for now, but I will wait for the entire album for the final score.



~ by rahjas on March 11, 2008.

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