Gouda Borgir – Ostafærð EP (2008)


“It was 2008 A.D and the earth was pestered by a plague called “Posers”.
The Heathen Gods was angered and spawned their offspring in the jihad against the lowlifes.
Two warriors by the name of Grevé Smørrebrød & Lord Smörgaahls is now leading the crusade against this pest and will continue until the foul species is extinct.
The newest weapon of ultimate anihilation is their new ep entitled Ostafærð which was unleashed upon humanity not long ago, it will destroy the weak instantly after exposure of this violent sonic hellstorm”
When I’ve read this, my first thought was “Oh no not another of these misanthropes who will even hate their own music when it is listened by more than 10 people”. But then I saw the Cover…What the hell? I mean what the f***? The logo looks like a cheese-brand, there are hippos…hippos? Hippos like Gouda? What’s the message? Maybe Hippos are made of cheese…I don’t know…Ah yeah, did I mentioned that the band is called Gouda Borgir?
Then I looked at the songs (there are 3, length: +/- 2 Minutes) and I had to laugh out loud (“LoL” for the Teen-Generation): “A Slice of ROQUEFORT in the Northern Sky…BRIESlottet”. Great!
To me, these guys have proved that they are funny, but the music should also be important, so what about the music? To be honest, I was very surprised! It sounds a little bit like old Dimmu Borgir stuff with raw vocals and it sounds good! The riffs are really cool and the keyboard is well placed. Unfortunately there are only 3 songs and one of these starts with a speech of Hitler which leaves a foul after-taste behind in the Gouda.
0By the way, I’ve found absolutely nothing on the internet about Gouda Borgir, so I can’t tell you more about that strange band.I cant even tell if its real or only a fake (->no Rating because of this) . So feel free to write a comment if you have more info about this band.
0White Cheese Supremacy!

~ by SvArt on March 5, 2008.

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