Herr Marx – Mondfesslen


“Mondfesselen” is the debut record of the luxembourgish musician Herr Marx, bass player, songwriter and singer of the stoner noise Band “ARTIS DEAD”.
If you are expecting some heavy music now, i have to disappoint you, Marx describes his music as acousmatic-tape-folk-punk and that´s not so wrong.
This record concists of simple song structures, which are sometimes a bit too repetitive and similar sounding, very fresh pop-punk vocal melodies and a lot of sarcasm.
The 13 songs are sung in English, French, German and Luxembourgish and the accents are just wonderful which is 100% in line with the whole attitude of this record.
With 2 guitars and a strange wind instrument (sometimes a violin and a piano) Herr Marx is singing about an anorexic Model, the poor children from Switzerland, that real punks are even giving a shit on anarchy but also about personal fears, such as in “D´Libelle se Lass”.
The great plus point of this record is that Herr Marx doesn´t take himself too serious but/and thus created a very funny record, where he often enunciates thoughts where you ask yourself what kind of drugs this guy has taken.
Herr Marx certainly has great potential, but on the next record he should either concentrate more on the music, or he should make (what i personaly would like more) a stand-up comedy record, where he only uses musical instruments to give his words a stronger expression.
Nevertheless you should give this record a try.



~ by innerwille on March 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Herr Marx – Mondfesslen”

  1. Reviews vum bruder sengem album ze man ass inzest.

    mee wier awer interesseiert et engkeier ze heieren ^^

  2. mmmmmmmhh inzest:)
    album kans de vir 7 euro (mengen ech) bai him (oder iwwer seng myspace) kaafen;)

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