To-Mera – Delusions (2008)


As a fan of Progressive (Black,Death,Extreme…) Metal bands like Opeth, Dream Theater or Isahn, I was pretty curious about the new release of To-Mera, who have gathered a lot of commendation with their first debut album “Transcendental”. To-Mera was founded in 2005 in England and Delusions is their second Full Length CD.

Without a doubt, I can say that they are playing Progressive Metal: the songs have a length of +/- 8 minutes, blast-beat parts alternate with rock parts, modern metal parts and even some jazz parts. The fact that there are so many riffs ensure that the listener will never be bored because it’s too monotonous. And here lies already the first problem of “Delusions”: the riffs alternate that fast, that you don’t really have time to enjoy or discover a riff because To-Mera doesn’t develop their riffs seriously . Persefone (Andorra) for example, reinterpret their best riffs, distributed over the whole album. But don’t get me wrong, the musicians of To-Mera are great; they absolutely know how to handle their instruments, there are nice solos and some impressive and difficult guitar- and drum-parts. Also the keyboarder does a great job and supports the band very well (only in the song “Mirage”, he plays a keyboard solo with some very high notes, which sound (sorry to say this) pretty shitty).
The vocals, by Julie Kiss (what a name^^), can be compared with Nightwish or Evanescence with influences of some jazz/lounge singing. The pretty songstress has formerly performed for the Gothic Metal Band Without Face. I don’t doubt her skills, but the vocals don’t fit that well with the music because they aren’t complex enough, at some points even too thin and monotonous. Sorry Julie but I think Simone Simons from Epica would have been a better choice for To-Mera.
So should you buy this album or not? I think when you are a fan of Progressive Metal, you should give this one a chance and I think you won’t be disappointed, but for me Delusions leaves the mark that there are many nice, but undeveloped ideas, like the adage says: Too many cooks spoil the broth.



For a sample:


~ by SvArt on March 2, 2008.

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