Behexen – My soul for his Glory (2008)


After 3 long years Behexen, probably the best fininsh Black Metal Band, finally has released their new album “My soul for the glory.”
This album is very difficult to review, if you are expecting a fallow up to “Rituale Satanum” or “By The Blessing of Satan”, I have to disappoint you. The music of Behexen has developed, which is certainly accepted by a lot of fans and absolutely unbelievable for the others.
I have to admit that I keep the golden mean, first of all as I already said before “My soul for his glory” isn´t comparable to the Behexen masterpieces and this album will never reach the brilliany of the previous ones (be honest they cannot be topped!).
The vocals on the new record aren´t what you are expecting, they are much more harmless, not so aggressive, and the music isn´t that raw, cold and anti anymore.
You can say that Behexen´s music has evoluated, the songs are much more progressive and the song structures are more complex, furthermore you can say that their new-created atmosphere is comparable to the “war-atmosphere” on the
“Marduk” record “Rom 5:12”.

I personally like the record, it is nothing very special but a cool, modern Black Metal album you certainly can listen to from time to time.



~ by innerwille on March 1, 2008.

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