Clean State – Promo Package for Dead Angel Factory





Last week I got the promo package from “CLEAN STATE” and I finally found the time to review their promo record.
First of all I have to say that the 5 guys from Clean State seem to be very professional because they didn´t send me the usual CD R with some songs on it or a simple record without any note, no they send me, as I said before, a whole package with a promo Cd, (with 3 tracks) pics, a personal letter and much more. Thumbs up for this guys!

“CLEAN STATE” is a Metal-Band from Luxembourg (Mars – Vocals, Mackel – Guitars, Thierry – Guitars, Phil – Bass, Twiggy – Drums) which plays Modern Metal, slipping occasionally slightly into Death or Thrash Metal. In Flames, Lamb Of God, Soilwork or Slipknot could be mentioned as their major influences.
The 3 songs I have heard so far (Sincerely Yours, Innocent Ignorance, Heresy) are solid Modern Metal songs with the usual aggressive strophes and more melodic refrains, the music is nothing new, nothing innovative and they use all the ingredients to cook and serve a good Metal song: DoubleBass, Guitars which sound like a fist in your face, some Maiden Leads, Breakdowns, they didn´t forget anything…

But the great plus point of the band, which differs them from other modern Metal bands, are the great skills and the variability of their vocalist Mars. This guy has just an incredible voice! From clean vocals to black metal screams, from death metal growls to modern metal shouts, nothing seems to be impossible.
My great respect goes out for “Heresy”, where he sounds sometimes like the Marilyn Manson from ´97, who is very difficult (in my eyes) to top when it comes to aggressiveness
in (modern) Metal voices!
What I don´t hope is that the band send me the three best songs from their Album “DEAD ANGEL FACTORY”, which is a concept album about serial killers (always interesting). I hope that they have something up their sleeve, and that they do not fall in mean or become to monotonous by and by.
Clean State certainly has great potential which show us the three songs on the promo and the record “DEAD ANGEL FACTORY” will show us if they can tap the full potential. I would begrudge it to them!

Good luck guys!

for the 3 songs







~ by innerwille on February 19, 2008.

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