Ex Inferis – Hidjama (2008)


After the Release-Party, which has resulted in a bad headache the following morning (because of something they call Strongbow), I was very anxious to listen to the new record from the flagship of Luxemburgish Deathcore Metal: Ex Inferis.

I’ve already bought their release “Defunctus in Heresi” in 2004, which surprised me in a very positive way because I’ m not the hugest fan of bands, where the style of their music ends with “core”.

So first of all some facts about the new Full Length Player: Hidjama comes in a cool, never seen before, designed CD-case, and offers you 6 tracks and a playtime of +/- 25 Minutes.

So what are the main differences to “Defunctus in Heresi”: Ex Inferis has made a hearable step into the melodic metal direction. Their music has become more “adult” and the brutal riffs from the forerunner have made some room for intelligent, intense and well placed melodic death metal riffs. This Göteborg-touch catapults Ex Inferis on a whole new level and, or because aggression has become elegant.
The two guitars are supported by a very aggressive and suitable drum-play and a not lesser aggressive and persistent singer comparable to Matthew Bachand (Shadows Fall).

So the vocals are good, the drums are good, the stringed-instruments are good, there are some really cool “Weehah”-power moments…are there also some negative points? Unfortunately yes: I needed some attempts to really get into “Hidjama” and I think I know why: Ex Inferis has made the mistake that the melodic parts, which are played by the lead guitar, are too much drowned by the second guitar (too much bass on the second guitar?). Furthermore an intro/outro and maybe a more instrumental song (like “of innocence and vultures” on Defunctus in Heresi”) would have give “Hidjama” a more personal character. Oh yeah and the fact that there are only 6 songs is equalized by the fact that “Hidjama” only costs 6€, so price/performance is totally o.k.

Conclusion: Who cares about those few negative points? “Hidjama” is a must for every Ex Inferis and Deathcore fan and a clear message to the world, that Luxemburgish Metal rox!
I want to end this review with a joke: What’s better than a pyjama party? An Hidjama Party…sorry^^

As a special bonus, you will find here below a video where I played one of the new songs of Ex Inferis in the game “Audiosurf”. It’s a mixture of Tetris, Guitar Hero and Racing Game, it builds a race-track based on the song you’ve uploaded…Enjoy it
and don´t forget to check out xdevx review from Hidjama click here

~ by SvArt on February 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Ex Inferis – Hidjama (2008)”

  1. Ya mann, AS rawks big time! 🙂 haal just op op easy ze spillen! :p

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