Bullet for my valentine – Scream Aim Fire

”The poison” was BFMV first LP (after a Mini album and some EP’s), reaching TOP10 positions in album charts due songs like ”tears don’t fall” or ”all this things I hate”. BFMV was called ”the new thing in british heavy Metal”!”The poison” was compared to Machine Head’s ‘Burn my eyes’, the international Press loved the album and hundred of gigs were played.
Well its been a while since the release of their debut…
”With this album, people will consider us finally as a Metal Band.That’s what we wanna play,that’s what we wanna be!Fuckin’ Metal.That’s why we took our time.We wanted to write a perfect album which would make us proud and I think we can be more than happy with the result!”,says Matt Tuck,frontman of the band due the comparison to Metalcore bands in the past.
The new album, called ‘Scream Aim Fire’, comes up with 11 songs. First song is ‘Scream Aim Fire’, the title track. The video is already out, so thats the first single of the album. U immediately hear that BFMV changed abit. The song comes up with fast Metal riffs, a pounding drum and the voice of Matt Tuck has sounds better. Its not that predictable anymore, there are more let me call it ‘surprises’ in the songs but still they stay clearly arranged.
Just take the song ‘Eye of the storm’ which comes up with a cool riff, unfortunately has a bad and boring chorus, but there’s a part where u can hear hands clappin’ while there’s only one guitar playin. Sounds gay?Well ye, but it’s not!BFMV manage to make it sound simply badass!
All in all the new album got more Metalparts, with some thrashy moments like in the song ‘Waking the demon’ which sounds like a Machine Head song. Maybe it is??(uhuu)
‘Take it out on me’ is another fast song again which creates a very intense athmosphere, should be a live-killer!
‘Say goodnight’ is the ‘tears dont fall’ from the previous album. Its the less heaviest track on the album comin’ up with a faster part at the end. ‘Forever and always’ is the last song on the LP with 6.48mins. I think the last part is abit too long but I guess if u consider it as an ‘Outro’ its ok and well done.
I won’t review each song now but what I can say is that all songs come up with awesome and catchy solo’s and every song has his one style.U wont find 2 similiar songs.
Some songs disapointed me coz of the chorus (as seen in ‘eye of the storm’) or coz they are not ‘special’ enough. But maybe I just expected too much after ‘The poison’.
I can’t really name any bad song, they are all good!But on the other side I can only name a 2-3 great/perfect songs (like ‘ScreamAimFire’, ‘Waking the demon’). U gotta see for urself if u like the ‘new’ BFMV!Hopeu ll like it!

~ by charly87 on February 7, 2008.

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